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Cloud Meadow Controversy: Sex Sim Making Over $40,000 Per Month Was Terminated Due To Developer Conflict

After a lengthy argument between the art director, Vladimir Sandler, and the rest of the crew, Breeding Season, a Harvest Moon-type simulator with large-breasted cowgirls (like half-cow, not someone who makes uncomfortable Facebook posts about Obama’s birth certificate), has been canceled. Through Patreon, the game was fetching $42,300 every month.

The problem is caused by Sandler’s contract. “I also allowed him to retain the rights to his artwork, under the assumption that if either of us ever chose to leave the project that they would be able to then sell their portion of the product to the other, or negotiate for royalties,” another developer known as H-Bomb wrote in a lengthy missive about the cancellation.

The project Cloud Meadow, which is currently generating $1,225 per month on Patreon with a first goal of $3,000 per month to hire a full-time programmer, was started by Sandler last month. He is not interested in selling his creations to the Breeding Season crew.

He also left with half the studio’s savings because the contract’s language permitted it, and then, out of pure malice, ordered us to remove his assets from the game under fear of legal action, according to H-Bomb.

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Breeding Season is now only partially endowed. This would essentially mean scrapping the entire project as it is now and starting over totally from scratch. The project has no chance of genuinely surviving the procedure; it has simply been abandoned.

Cloud Meadow Controversy: Sex Sim Making Over $40,000 Per Month Was Terminated Due To Developer Conflict

In a partial rebuttal (he’s working on a “point by point” refutation), Sandler provides a different account of what happened. He claims that he is not holding onto his work “out of spite,” which appears to make sense given that he is utilizing it to create another game rather than just hoarding it.

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“Cloud Meadow…was not built to merely steal the revenues of Breeding Season for myself,” he adds. “Rather, it was made to truly save what I could of the Breeding Season Project, and deliver on the spirit of the promises made by the project.” Even if I and the other artists had worked nonstop, the Breeding Season game would never have been finished the way things were going.

Even while he did “[get] approximately $190,000 worth of patron money over the course of [Breeding Season’s three-year production],” his resignation and shift to the new project were intended to provide “a valid option for funding a game about banging monstergirls/boys and operating a monster farm.”

The latter concluded his lengthy, tearful message by subtly directing readers to the locations of “every file involved in the game’s creation”— including Sandler’s work—for download. Because such assets belong to S-Purple, he writes, “it would be criminal, and I would never condone someone actually doing that.” But wouldn’t that be humorous?



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