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Chapman Guitars Controversy: The Viewers of Rob Chapman’s YouTube Channel’s Response!

Chapman Guitars Controversy: I absolutely comprehend Rob’s stance once the observations and reasons are broken down into bullet points. Here’s a successful guitarist achieving what we all aspire to: living off the music we love. The video up top makes a number of convincing arguments, but they ultimately do nothing but damage Rob’s reputation. He hasn’t violated any laws or harmed anyone. Then an awful event took place…

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The (claimed) Reaction of Rob Chapman’s YouTube Audience

after the widespread success of the aforementioned video. Rob’s YouTube subscribers reportedly turned on KDH, the channel’s founder, by looking into his history, leveling defamatory accusations, and issuing life threats. KDH was moved to remove the video.

Then, in my opinion, Rob made a serious mistake by creating a counter-video. Who can deny my truth? my truth? my truth? who can deny my truth? Already, the video has been removed.

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To be honest, Rob seems enraged in the video and could have said something he didn’t want to. Rob, on the other hand, is a recognized YouTube professional. He needed to be able to gauge how others were reacting to him. Perhaps he simply clicked the upload button in the center of the danger zone. Are there any chances? What do you believe? Whatever the case, the flames had been lit, and Rob was now in the midst of a serious internet shitstorm.

Chapman Guitars Controversy

The guitar community has reacted with reconciliation when you disregard the trolls, with many appealing with him to apologise for his own sake. It might be challenging to eliminate the impression of delusional egotism or even cyberbullying to the inexperienced eye.

No matter how you feel about Rob (he’s now getting a lot of dislikes and unsubscribes), it comes down to one man’s word vs. another’s. That is, until Riff City Music spoke up and offered their account of events.

Exposed by Rob Chapman at Riff City

This appears to disprove several of Rob’s objections to the KDH video. Guitar Center is now selling Chapman guitars. I’ll let you make the decision on that. The fact that Riff City and Rob are no longer a “family” cannot be disputed. and the article has been taken down once more.

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The first guitar the business produced was the ML-1. A second batch of the ML-1 was produced after the firm that supplied Chapman offered more at a lower price than the original 500 units. 250 units of the ML-2 were made, which was a little amount.

The ML-1 featured an ebony fingerboard, maple neck, and solid mahogany body in the manner of a Fender Stratocaster. The body and reverse-style headstock of the ML-1 were given a straightforward satin black finish. The ML-1 was initially marketed at £299 for the entry-level market, however the second batch allowed for a price reduction to £199. Even worse quality control was evident in the second batch of ML-1s, as seen by the numerous complaints from buyers about sharp/unfinished fretwork and generally subpar construction. One of the reasons that the manufacture of Chapman Guitars was moved to World Musical Instruments in South Korea was this failure in quality control.


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