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Candace Owens Controversy: Candace Owens, a Controversial Right-Wing Commentator, Will Give the Keynote Speech at Faulkner University

Candace Owens Controversy: Candace Owens, a controversial conservative commentator, has been selected to deliver the keynote address at the annual benefit dinner that will be held at Faulkner University in Montgomery. Ticket prices will start at $40,000 for the event.

Owens, whose tweets were recently shared by the Russian embassy in the United States as part of a Russian disinformation effort, has also asserted that the presidential election in 2020 will be rigged and has given the impression that he supports Adolf Hitler’s domestic plans in 2019.

According to Faulkner, the benefit dinner is “a historic tradition and a red-letter event on the social calendar every year for Montgomery and the River Region, selling out to almost 2,000 attendees each year.” Faulkner also stated that the meal “sells out to nearly 2,000 guests each year.”

The most expensive level of sponsorship for the dinner on October 6 is the “underwriter” level, which costs $40,000 and includes 16 premium-level tickets as well as a photo pass good for four people in one picture taken at the event. The least expensive level of admission, a single general admission ticket, costs $150.

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Candace Owens Controversy

Owens started the group Blexit, which tries to get black people to leave the Democratic Party and join the Republican Party instead. Last week, she said “Russian lives matter” and seemed to imply that the sanctions put on Russia because it invaded Ukraine were “discrimination” against the Russian people.

“It’s terrible how Russians are treated in the U.S. and around the world. After all the “black lives matter” hysteria around the world, it says a lot that our leaders and government institutions allow and sometimes even call for this kind of discrimination. She tweeted that “Russian lives matter.” The Russian embassy in the United States retweeted the tweet, which Owens’ critics said was part of a “coordinated disinformation campaign” by the Russian government.

The Day After the 2020 Presidential Election

Owens said that the race “was clearly rigged,” which is similar to a theory that Donald Trump has been pushing for a long time. And in 2019, Owens seemed to support Hitler’s domestic policies in Germany. This angered people who follow politics on social media.

“The word ‘nationalism’ doesn’t bother me at all, to be honest. I think that elitists who want globalism poison the definition of globalism. I don’t want globalism, so when we say “nationalism,” the first thing most people think of, at least in the United States, is Hitler,” she said. “He believed in nationalism. But if Hitler just wanted Germany to be great and for things to work well, that’s fine.

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The problem is that he wanted and dreamed of living somewhere other than Germany. He wanted to connect the world. He thought that everyone should be German and speak German. Everyone is going to look different. I don’t think that’s nationalism. When I think about how things could go wrong in the future, I don’t have a problem with nationalism. I don’t really. I think it’s all right.”



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