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Buzz Lightyear Controversy: Lightyear’s Same-Sex Kiss Which Resulted in Disney’s First “true” Lgbtq+ Representation!

Confusion abounds when it comes to the movie Andy from Toy Story viewed before purchasing his dazzling spaceman toy. Fortunately, Andy’s mother wasn’t a fan of Fox News; otherwise, she might not have allowed him to watch the movie at all.

The recently released movie is embroiled in an absurd debate because conservatives are offended by a single kiss that appears in the movie just because it is shared by two women.

The Same-Sex Kiss and Charging that It Showed a “moral Breakdown.”

Right-wing cultural warriors and media figures like Ben Shapiro erupted on social media over the children’s cartoon, tweeting frantic cautions about the same-sex kiss and charging that it showed a “moral breakdown.”

Ted Cruz Launched Into a Weird Tirade Over the Movie

Ted Cruz launched into a weird tirade over the movie in which he bemoaned the sale of “gay toys” under the brand name of Buzz Lightyear products.

According to the New York Times, the movie was banned this week in no less than 14 Middle Eastern and Asian nations as a result of that same-sex kiss. Progressives praised Disney for not censoring the moment, while actor Chris Evans, who plays Buzz Lightyear, called the aggrieved critics “idiots.”

buzz lightyear controversy

Ironically, Disney never intended for this to happen; the kiss was originally entirely cut from the movie. Disney, along with other studios, frequently re-edits movies to comply with local censorship laws around the world, which explains why their feeble attempts at LGBT representation are so fleeting and ineffective – they can be removed without interfering with the flow of a single scene. Online, “passive progressive” is a term that is frequently used to describe Disney’s feigned inclusivity.

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The now-famous Lightyear kiss, which is, at best, a quick peck, was only returned to the movie after an open letter from “the LGBTQIA+ employees of Pixar, and their allies” was published in March. In it, the group criticized Disney for severing “nearly every moment of overtly gay affection… regardless of when there is a protest from both the creative teams and executive leadership at Pixar.”

Disney’s Aim Is to Earn Money without Offending Its Homosexual Audience

Disney’s aim is to earn money without offending its homosexual audience or easily alarmed suburbanites, despite conservative attempts to fabricate a story around a purported “gay agenda”; really, Disney is just attempting to avoid bad press. It’s never been an issue previously, yet heterosexual characters frequently kiss in Disney movies.

buzz lightyear controversy

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Disney finds itself in the awkward position of trying to portray itself as an inclusive company while trying to placate bigots who think that the sight of two cartoon characters kissing is equivalent to “grooming,” as the culture war against the LGBT community is frighteningly growing (clearly, these people have never watched a Bugs Bunny cartoon).

Gravity Falls Artist Alex Hirsch, a Former Disney Partner

Funny enough, Gravity Falls artist Alex Hirsch, a former Disney partner, recently produced a video montage illustrating the ludicrous censoring demands he received from the studio. One of these requests asked him expressly to tone down the physical affection between two male characters.

buzz lightyear controversy

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On Twitter, Hirsch has previously criticized Disney for adopting Pride aesthetics while removing all hints of same-sex attractions from its works. Disney’s “gay agenda” obviously wasn’t cause for outrage, but a fleeting kiss that wasn’t meant to be in the movie isn’t much to boast about either. One tiny step towards inclusivity taken by Lightyear is seen as a tremendous leap by racists.



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