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Bryan Singer Controversy: An ex-employee and partner of Bryan Singer details years of alleged abuse

Bryan Singer Controversy: In a recent article for Variety, Bryan Singer‘s former colleague and lover Blake Stuerman described the alleged violence he allegedly experienced and saw throughout their four-year relationship. Singer and Stuerman reportedly had a relationship from 2009 until 2013; at the time of their first meeting, Stuerman was 18 and Singer was 43. In his first-person narrative, Stuerman described Singer’s claimed violent and manipulative behavior, particularly with regard to money and sex, as well as his alleged excessive drinking and irrational outbursts. Additionally, Stuerman spoke of seeing Singer allegedly abuse someone in 2012.

Through papers, images, emails, and messages that Stuerman provided as well as conversations with 20 people, Variety was able to verify some of Stuerman’s claims (one of whom corroborated the assault story and was present during the alleged incident as well). Singer’s attorney, Andrew Brettler, released a long comment in response to a synopsis of Stuerman’s article in which he referred to the accusations as “uncorroborated, provocative, and extremely defamatory.”

The claims that Mr. Steurman [sic] is making against Mr. Singer right now

According to Brettler, are nothing more than self-serving assertions that lack any kind of supporting evidence. “Mr. Stuerman is dissatisfied and outraged because he reportedly didn’t get the “credit” he believed he deserved on Mr. Singer’s movies… Most of all, he is unhappy and enraged that Mr. Singer, who had supported Mr. Stuerman financially for many years, is no longer sustaining Mr. Stuerman’s jet-setting lifestyle. Brettler did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Rolling Stone.

Over the years, Singer has been accused of sexual assault and abuse on countless occasions. He has never been detained or charged with a crime, but he has been the target of civil lawsuits. One alleging that he raped a juvenile in 2014 was dropped, and another in 2019 alleging that he raped a 17-year-old kid was resolved for $150,000. Since the 2018 Oscar-winning Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody, Singer has not directed a motion picture (from which he was fired).

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Bryan Singer Controversy

Stuerman claims in his article for Variety that Singer was first presented to him in March 2019, not long after he turned 18 years old. He said that Gary Goddard, the producer of two of the projects Stuerman was working on, had introduced him to Singer when he was employed as an assistant scenic designer. Although Stuerman had never heard of Singer, he was familiar with his blockbusters X-Men and Superman Returns. Singer invited everyone back to his hotel suite after their first date, according to Stuerman, who also claimed that Singer “asked to see my driver’s license because he couldn’t believe I was actually 18.” Singer and Stuerman went out on their first date at the upscale sushi restaurant Nobu 57, according to Stuerman.

Stuerman claims that after leaving Singer’s hotel

Stuerman claims that after leaving Singer’s hotel that evening, they soon started interacting more. At one supper, Singer allegedly started pressuring Stuerman to consume a little alcohol, telling him to “just try it. It’s OK. You are secure. I gave in and drank a little of his beverage. My throat hurt from it. I must get the remainder, he insisted. Then he placed another order.

Stuerman claimed that night was his first time drinking, and the evening concluded with them alone in a hotel suite with Singer. “Even the thought of that makes my chest tighten. You can guess what transpired next. I was unaware that I could refuse. I was unaware that drinking was impairing my capacity for judgment. (In his answer to Variety, Singer’s attorney Brettler omitted to address the allegation that Singer gave Stuerman alcohol before their initial intercourse.)

According to Stuerman

According to Stuerman, Singer quickly persuaded him to go to Los Angeles if he was serious about pursuing a career in movies. This is when Stuerman first learned of Singer’s “reputation for favoring really young-looking males,” he said.

Older males would bring parties of twinks, like myself, into Bryan’s home, he said. It was anticipated that these individuals had previously verified the legality of these lads. After spending some time hanging around, he would make sure everyone had a drink, choose one, two, or more people, and we would see them an hour or three later. Frequently, I was one of them.

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At the time, Stuerman stated he felt “extremely blessed to have such a great and strong man as my mentor” and that he worked hard to earn Singer’s respect. At this time, Stuerman says, Singer became “fuck you fuck you fuck you rich” owing in part to the popularity of the medical drama House, for which he was an executive producer. Singer would also take him to costly meals and parties in addition to film sets, post-production meetings, and more. But Stuerman claimed that Singer frequently demanded sex in return.

Bryan Singer Controversy

As we drew closer, he increased his expectations, according to Stuerman. “I would have to be the boy if he didn’t find one out in the bars that night. He would become enraged if I offered even the slightest resistance. Why would I risk my future like that? I was free to go if I wanted to, but I couldn’t come back. He would send me sex-related texts like, “Boy come yeahhhhhh!”

The attack Stuerman alleges is said to have occurred at the director’s house during a late-night party in the fall of 2012. Singer had already “passed out in his room,” according to Stuerman, but he stormed back indignantly because of the loud party. He viciously assaulted a guest who was close to me. Bryan was in my hands as I brought him back inside. He had irrational, crazy eyes. He had never previously appeared to me in this way. He slammed the door as we entered his room. I started gathering the fragments of a broken lamp that I had discovered on the ground.

At that time, according to Stuerman, Singer allegedly threatened to murder him if he left. (Brettler’s response to Variety omitted mention of the alleged attack.)

After then, Stuerman claimed he became more interested as well as more afraid of Singer. He claimed to have been officially employed by Singer, to have contributed to his different projects, and to have virtually lived with him for extended periods of time. But, according to him, Singer also became more menacing. Stuerman said Singer forbade him from dating or having sex with “anyone of my choosing,” and that if Stuerman did so, Singer would “berate me and dangle my future in front of me.”

Bryan Singer Controversy

In the spring of 2013

Stuerman said that Singer’s “mental and emotional abuse… would regularly provoke panic attacks” when they were co-working on X-Men: Days of Future Past (one even landed him in the emergency room, he claims). At one point, Stuerman apparently infuriated Singer by questioning him about his drinking. After that, Stuerman claimed, he almost fled but eventually chose to stay. However, Stuerman said that a security officer visited his flat and told him he had to pack up and leave when he unintentionally overslept one morning and missed brunch rather than any work.

Bryan offers you a taste of having nothing in order to ensure that you are devoted and that you won’t defect, according to Stuerman. He imparts wisdom to you. Your credit card has been stopped, and you must pay for your own transportation home. It resembles a timeout. People are scared into understanding what they stand to lose. I was advised to wait a few days and be quiet. Simply let it blow away.

However, Stuerman made the decision to break off his relationship with Singer when he got back to Los Angeles (a “separation agreement,” which apparently included a “low five-figure sum,” was established). After sexual assault claims against Singer arose in 2014, Stuerman claimed he battled over the following several years to come to terms with the alleged abuse and frequently found himself supporting Singer. Stuerman said that she didn’t accept what had truly happened until she had had counseling and PTSD treatment.

“I am a victim of abuse by a very strong, very wealthy, and very ill man,” he said. I am Bryan Singer’s victim.



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