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Andrew Tate Controversy: Involving Clix’s Underage Girlfriend And Andrew Tate

A few days ago, the infamous Andrew Tate made headlines for reportedly hitting on the minor girlfriend of professional Fortnite player Clix.

Since Tate was on Adin Ross’s stream last week and was on Clix’s stream to ostensibly set up the latter with the female present with them on stream, he has become extremely popular online.

Here’s the Youtube Video by TwitchClips

Tate returned to talking to the minors about relationships after a brief argument with HasanAbi and discussion of some important issues. The 35-year-old kickboxer made various remarks to the girl, who is apparently 17 or 16, including one asking her to call him when she reached adulthood.

Many viewers found the comment offensive, and it was extensively circulated on social media. The problem was made worse by Tate’s own record for making anti-feminist sentiments, especially considering that he is currently being looked into for Romanian people trafficking.

On livestream, Andrew Tate says something inappropriate to a girl who is underage

Andrew Tate Controversy: Involving Clix's Underage Girlfriend And Andrew Tate

Tate was allegedly serving as a wingman for Clix and the female streamer who joined a short time after Hasan “HasanAbi” left. With the exception of the dispute beforehand, which according to Tate killed the vibe, the webcast on July 21 was scheduled.

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Nevertheless, Andrew Tate did offer the Fortnite ace some counsel. The British-American millionaire seemed to be persistent in asking the potential couple to kiss while reassuring Clix not to be afraid. Along with encouraging her to do it, he eventually said something troubling:

“You know, like, once you’re 18, if you wanna get yourself a real man, I know a guy.”

Here’s the Twitch Live Stream by Clix x Andrew Tate

(Timing 2:05:51)

Tate attempted to retract his statement when the girl questioned him about the identity of the man she should be dating. The streamer sidestepped the query almost out of self-consciousness:

“It’s a long story. I can’t tell you exactly because… Because there’s bad things about him.”

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After hearing what his idol had said about him, Clix seized the girl’s headphones. He began berating Tate, which resulted in a shouting confrontation. Because of what the latter had implied and because of his reputation for:

Andrew Tate Controversy: Involving Clix's Underage Girlfriend And Andrew Tate

“You’d deada** been a W f**kin wingman, and the fact that you come in and say that s**t is actually f**ked up. Bro, like go ahead like, if you wanna go f**k an 18-year-old, that’s weird, that’s pretty weird. Cus I know what you are talking about right now. You said that when she turned 18, you’d fly her out to f**kin Romania and f**k her, and that is weird!”

After the yelling match, Andrew Tate made the following declaration to make it crystal clear what he had meant by his prior statements:

“I’ll take your b**ch on your stream! You messed it up, my G!”

They discussed getting into a fight with one another to “win” the girl after that.

Here’s the Youtube Clip by xQc Clips



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