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William Zabka Net Worth: How Much Has American Actor Made in 2022 from Cobra Kai?

In New York City, New York, William Zabka was born on October 20, 1965. Both of his parents had jobs varying in scope in the film business. His father was a co-director on “The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson” for the first two seasons that Johnny Carson served as host.

Early Life

On October 20, 1965, William Zabka was conceived in New York City. His parents each had different jobs within the motion picture industry. On “The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson,” during Johnny’s first two seasons as host, his father served as the show’s assistant director at one point. Late in his adolescence, William started performing.

william zabka net worth

On the TV show “The Greatest American Hero,” he received his very first official credit. In “The Karate Kid,” Ralph Macchio’s character, Johnny Lawrence, is a high school bully who threatens him. A year later, William earned the role that would make him famous for the rest of his life.

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William Zabka’s Net Worth

A $3 million net worth can be attributed to American actor, author, and director William Zabka. After appearing in the 1984 hit movie “The Karate Kid,” William initially attained widespread recognition.

william zabka net worth

The revived continuation series “Cobra Kai,” which made its YouTube premiere in May 2018 but gained significant traction when it was released on Netflix in August 2020, has brought him extra notoriety and awards.

How Much of The Net Worth Comes from Cobra Kai?

Cobra Kai is undoubtedly the source of the majority of William’s wealth. Fans are uncertain of how high that number might reach, though. For context, let me tell you that the US-only box office for The Karate Kid was $100 million. Even though the movie’s $8 million budget was little, it nevertheless made money. Furthermore, Netflix has expanded Cobra Kai’s global audience.

Success in Career

The Karate Kid essentially started a Karate craze around the world with its $100 million domestic box office haul on an $8 million budget. A second-degree green belt in Tang Soo Do was attained by William after being inspired by his experience in the movie.

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Cobra Kai

A group of producers and actors from “Karate Kid” (William Zabka and Ralph Macchio) collaborated in 2017 to pitch a relaunched series based on their fictional characters. Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and Apple were among the studios that made offers, but in the end, YouTube Red was chosen as the successful bidder.

william zabka net worth

In the first two seasons, Ralph and William each reportedly made $100,000 per episode, which equates to almost $1 million per season per person. In this production, they both serve as executive producers. Since obtaining the rights from Jerry Weintraub’s company, Weintraub Entertainment Group, Will Smith has served as executive producer of the series through his company Overbrook Productions.

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Personal Life

william zabka net worth

He married Stacie Zabka in 2008 and they have two children.



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