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Who Is Ian Hock, The Chef? Get To Know Eva Amurri’s Boyfriend!

Eva Amurri has a new boyfriend, which makes her fans very happy. The actress, who is 35 years old and has been in the TV shows Californication and Undateable, broke up with her ex-husband Kyle Martino in 2019. She has three children with him.

So, who is Ian Hock, Eva’s new boyfriend? Here is all the information you need about him, from his job to his social media profiles.

Eva Amurri Confirms Relationship With Ian Hock

Eva tells the world on Thursday, January 7, that she is in a new relationship. This comes just over a year after she split up with her ex-husband Kyle Martino. The actress wrote on her blog that she has “a wonderful boyfriend in my life” to let her fans know.

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Who Is Ian Hock?

Eva wrote on her blog that Ian Hock is a chef from New York City. She said that he is a “fellow New Yorker” and that one of her friends went to high school with him in New York. Eva also said that they met in Westport, Connecticut. He worked as a lead baker in a bakery in Darien, Connecticut, and as a research and development chef in a restaurant in Westport, according to his LinkedIn profile. Ian has also done graphic design and web development as a side job.

He got a BA in English Language and Literature from Colorado College, but cooking has always been his passion. A few years after he graduated, he started working in the food industry. In her blog post, Eva also said that she and Ian have a lot in common: they both like to eat, go to museums, read books, and speak French. Before they started dating, they had a “really special friendship,” she said.

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Is Ian Hock On Instagram?

Eva tagged Ian in her most recent Instagram post, which was called “A little life update is on the blog today.” This is how we found out about his Instagram handle. At the time of writing, his account is private because he may want to stay out of the public eye for a while. Eva did say that he is “pretty private,” so fans will have to wait until the actress shares more information and pictures about her new boyfriend.



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