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What Trump’s Family Really Thinks of Him Is Revealed by Jimmy Kimmel?

According to Jimmy Kimmel, every new book about Donald Trump reveals what those close to the former president truly think of him.

That Extends to His Close Friends and Family as well as Members of His Inner Circle.

Kimmel referred to fresh information from the book Confidence Man by the New York Times’s Maggie Haberman, including the assertion that Trump had planned to terminate his daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner, both of whom served as White House advisers, through Twitter. In the end, he decided against it.

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“Haberman claimed Trump was racial in his writing. He believed that non-white staff members at the White House were waiters, Kimmel claimed. “He hated homosexuals. He hated trans people. He struggled to interact with foreign leaders who were women. In his words, Angela Merkel was a “bitch.”

But what truly stood out in the book was how well-informed Trump’s closest associates were.

Everyone who worked at the White House, including his family, allegedly believed that Trump was a risky, erratic young person, according to this book, Kimmel claimed.

Then Kimmel Criticized Them.

Kimmel stated, “On our part, I just want to thank those heroic men and women who kept that knowledge to themselves and away from the American people who could have removed Trump from office.

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More can be found in his monologue on Wednesdays:



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