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What Does Tyana Hansen Do? Playboy Model From Australia Joins Onlyfans With Ex-cop Following Drugs Charges

What Does Tyana Hansen Do? Playboy Model From Australia Joins Onlyfans With Ex-cop Following Drugs Charges

Both an Australian Playboy model and a former police officer were accused of having deadly substances in their possession. They are currently wealthy thanks to OnlyFans. Millions of people are using OnlyFans to generate money in 2021 all around the world.

The London-based subscription site’s 2016 launch has made it well known for its explicit photographs and the ability for users to charge users a monthly fee to view their content. While some people use OnlyFans as a side business, one ex-cop discovered that it was possible to make enough money to do it full-time. Tyana Hansen, Zachary Samuel Maidment’s former fiancée, introduced him to the website, and they had already made five figures in just one day.

Who Is Tyana Hansen?

Australian actress and model Tyana Hansen has been featured on the covers of Maxim Australia and Playboy South Africa. Alongside Mike Tyson and Parnia Porsche, the 25-year-old also serves as an ambassador for the Australian auto repair shop Ultra Tune.

She is active on TikTok as @tyanamaree, but it appears that she recently deleted her Instagram account, which had 17,000 followers.

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Tyana Introduced Her Police Officer Ex-fiance To Onlyfans

Zachary Samuel Maidment, her former fiancé, and Tyana met through OnlyFans, and they have since collaborated on content creation. Zachary, a police officer from the Gold Coast, was allegedly seen sniffing cocaine off a party stripper.

He has been charged with cocaine possession and supply, and according to ABC, he is now free on bail. He is scheduled to appear before the Southport Magistrates Court on August 10. Shortly after being charged, he left the police, but he has now found another job with OnlyFans.

Now They Make Videos On Onlyfans

Despite the fact that Tyana and Zachary don’t seem to be together longer, they have come together to launch an OnlyFans career.

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Tyana decided to create films with her ex-partner after using OnlyFans for more than a year. In their first 24 hours, the duo claimed to have earned “five figures” on their OnlyFans content.

It was good to share that together, especially since this (account) had only recently begun. Every part of Zac’s life when he was a police officer was under them total control, even the things he put online. So, by doing this, we both get a chance to be ourselves, Tyana remarked.

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