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The Viviane POP star’s personal life and the Vivziepop controversy that has swirled around her career are depicted in this graph.

Vivziepop Controversy

Vivziepop Controversy: The animator Vivienne Maree Medrano, also known as VivziePop, is well-known for her skillful and efficient animation work and for making comedic and musical animated series. She got most of the attention, though, because of the trouble she got into as she moved up in her career. She was blamed for a lot of things. She was accused of a lot of things because of the controversial rumors. Check out to find out what her story is and what the truth is.

Vivziepop Controversy

Vivienne Maree Medrano, who is best known for her work as an animator, had to deal with a lot of controversies and accusations very early in her life and at the start of her career. The first time she got into trouble was when she was in college. This is also when she started her career in animation, and it was her animated videos on YouTube that brought her to the attention of the public.

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As the saying goes, “with good comes bad,” which is exactly what happened with VivziePop. The project Zoophilia, which made her famous at first, has now led to accusations that VivziePop is drawing underage sex, stealing, and copying other people’s character sketches, and that she is standing by the content creator who put on blackface and made jokes about transphobia. But as time went on, all of these accusations stopped. But the heavy wave of accusations hit VivziePop’s life and career again while she was enjoying the success of her animated show Hazbin Hotel and being in the spotlight of fame.

Her new fans were shocked by these accusations because they didn’t know about her past stories. Her old fans, on the other hand, tried to tell her new fans about her past stories and clear her name of the accusations.

Zoophilic Art

VivzeiPop was once accused of making an animated show called “Zoophilia,” in which a character from her webcomic was shown taking a bath with snakes. This led to a lot of people saying that Vivzie makes sex animations for kids, and they pointed to this scene. Fans of VivziePop tried to disprove these claims by saying that the old drawings might not have been done by VivziePop or might have been fakes. Another character appeared after it was said that Vivzie drew an adult drooling over a mirror and labeled that work “and Mirage would love Krestral, in her sick pedo way XD.” She set the record straight by saying:

“I guess I should add that any cringe-worthy art I made was in 2012, when I was 19 years old.” It was legal back then, and it’s still legal now. (It was also called a “inside joke? even back THEN). Do I think that’s weird? Yes, it’s cringe, and I don’t like it any more than you do. I was a dumb kid trying to figure out who I was, but I’ve never drawn anything explicit or broken the law, either then or now. “Fuck off, please!”

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Controversy with Dollcreep

Vivienne Maree Medrano was accused of stealing and copying the original work of art by the well-known artist Dollcreep, which led to another controversy. Many comments were made about how the art of VivziePop and Dollcreep is similar. More attention was paid to these controversies because of a character named JayJay or JiJi and because Dollcreep spoke out about his claim right after Vivzei’s “Die young” music video with this character came out.

Dollcreep’s accusation was based on VivzeiPop’s claim that she stole the character JiJi and didn’t give him credit for his masterpiece art or even say his name. This made Dollcreep angry, so he said it was Vivzie’s fault. Vivzie wrote in the note on DevianART that the reason she didn’t mention him or give him credit was because he treated her badly, so she just said “thank you” in her video. She also said that Docreep didn’t draw JiJi himself. Instead, he got it from an unknown artist, so he doesn’t deserve all the credit. All of these rumors came from Tumblr, where this event took place.

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