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Trick Daddy Net Worth: How Did He Let All of His Wealth Slip Away?

Trick Daddy Net Worth: The 27th of September 1974 saw the birth of Trick Daddy. Miami, Florida, is the city where Trick Daddy was born. It’s interesting to note that Trick Daddy’s transition into the real world was not simple. He was the offspring of a violent criminal. In actuality, Trick Daddy’s father was the one who encouraged him to enter the criminal underworld when he was only nine years old.

When he was barely 14 years old, Trick Daddy started selling crack cocaine. Trick Daddy was forced to spend a significant amount of time in a juvenile facility as a result. Trick Daddy was talented in music, which is why when he was released from his last incarceration.

Trick Daddy Net Worth

A rapper, actor, and producer from the United States, Trick Daddy is worth $150,000. Maurice Samuel Young, better known as Trick Daddy, has played a significant role in the hip-hop scene for many years. Young began his career in Liberty City and later became well-known in the late 1990s. He then began collaborating with well-known artists like Lil Jon, Twista, the Ying Yang Twins, DJ Khaled, Young Jeezy, and many others.

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Trick Daddy Net Worth


Young made contact with Ted Lucas, the creator of Slip-N-Slide Records, after being released from prison. Maurice took Lucas’ counsel to heart and decided to pursue a career in rap while avoiding jail time. His debut album, “Based on a True Story,” was released in 1997 after his initial appearance on the 1996 album “Uncle Luke.”

This album served as the foundation for the publication of “www.thug.com,” which included the song “Nann Nigga.” This turned out to be a huge smash, and the rap rankings showed it peaking at number three. In 2000, he released his subsequent album, “Book of Thugs: Chapter AK Verse 47.” He published “Thugs Are Us” the following year and “Thug Matrimony: Married To The Streets” in 2004.

The number-one song “Let’s Go,” which was a Twista collaboration, would appear on this album. Thereafter, the Ying Yang Twins, DJ Khaled, and Pitbull collaborated once more. Trick Daddy founded his own record label in 2008 after leaving Slip-n-Slide Records. He worked with Young Jeezy in 2011 before releasing a mixtape. Trick Daddy does numerous US tours today.

Financial Issues

In Florida, Trick Daddy filed for bankruptcy on August 31, 2015. At the time of the filing, Trick had assets worth about $430,000 and debts worth about $630,000. He also said that he was still making around $14,000 a month, most of which came from music royalties and club performances.

At the time he filed for bankruptcy, Trick Daddy owed one of his ex-girlfriends about $35,000 in child support and another about $22,000 in child support. He also owed $290,000 in back taxes and $280,000 in mortgages, from what we can tell.

Trick Daddy Net Worth

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It was said in 2019 that Trick Daddy had filed for bankruptcy again. This time, court papers said the rapper owed more than $800,000 to different people. At the time, he said he didn’t have any money in his bank account and only had $150 worth of clothes. Still, Trick Daddy still owned his $350,000 home in Miramar at this time. He said there was about $1,500 worth of household items in the house. Even though he still has a stake in Trick & Rick Music Publishing, this stake was only worth $5,000, as far as we can tell.

Real Estate

In 2019, when Trick Daddy filed for bankruptcy, it came out that he still owned a home in Miramar, Florida, that was worth about $350,000. The property is near Miramar Regional Park and has about 4,000 square feet of living space.




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