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Tom Vitale Net Worth: Why Did He Decide to Divorce His Wife?

Tom Vitale is an American businessman best known for his work as a TV producer and financial advisor. Valerie Bertinelli, a famous actress, is married to him.

Tom Vitale, sometimes known as Thomas P. Vitale, is a well-known American television producer, financial advisor, online celebrity, and businessman. He has additional notoriety because he is married to American actress and TV personality Valerie Bertinelli. In 2011, Tom and Edward Leow served as the co-CEOs of the online retailer Veebow. Sadly, the business was forced to close in 2018.

Early Life

Along with his family, Vitale was brought up in California. It’s impossible to identify how the person spent his youth because there is no information about his family. Although there isn’t much evidence to support this, some sources claim that he has desired to be a businessman since he was a little child.

tom vitale net worth

Tom attended Williams College, where he acquired his education, and graduated. Vitale is a well-known figure at Williams College as well, where he formerly served as the director of extracurricular activities.

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Tom Vitale’s Net Worth

A producer and television executive from the United States, Tom Vitale has a $5 million dollar fortune. Tom Vitale received his degree from Williams College and started his career in television in the late 1980s. In 1987, he started his professional career at Viacom as a program buyer before moving on to NBC.


Before dating a famous person, Tom intended to have a quiet life. On the other hand, things have unquestionably changed since then. He currently holds a position as a financial planner. He began working for Viacom as a program acquisition executive in 1987.

The wealthy man then relocated to NBC. He presently holds the position of executive vice president of programming and original movies at Syfy. Tom is in charge of, among other things, film acquisition, programming, and development. At William College, he serves on the board of directors for the William Club.

tom vitale net worth

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A vocal supporter of the charity and social causes, he served as vice president of Fieri National and as president of Fieri Manhattan in the past. In addition, Tom is the founder and CEO of Veebow, a company that uses local bargains to link customers with other savvy companies. Additionally, a free mobile app for it is accessible.

Who Is the Wife of Tom Vitale?

Despite having a successful career, Tom Vitale’s romantic relationships are undoubtedly tumultuous. This handsome man is divorced twice. His first wife Sharon, with whom he shares a unique bond. Tom had issues in this relationship, despite the fact that it is impossible to pinpoint when it started or ended.

The businessman was detained in 2001 after allegedly hitting his ex-wife. Even though there was no explanation for why their relationship ended, it did. Tom met another wonderful woman after experiencing heartbreak.

tom vitale net worth

Following Valerie Bertinelli’s gentle strokes throughout Tom’s life, there was no going back. After meeting in 2004, the couple started dating immediately away. They often took pictures together because of their close connection.

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After dating for seven years, they both entered the aisle on January 1, 2011. All of the family and close friends were invited, making it a really special occasion.

tom vitale net worth

They have been married for nine years, but no kid has yet entered their lives. Nothing about any child has been uncovered up to this point. However, Bertinelli and Tom Vitale recently announced their intention to divorce due to “irreconcilable differences.”



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