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Todd Graves Net Worth: How This Person Become So Rich? Latest Update!

Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers, a fast food chain that specializes on fried chicken finger sandwiches, was founded by American businessman Todd Graves (born in 1972). In 1996, Graves and Craig Silvey opened the first eatery in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Early Years

Graves grew up in Baton Rouge after being born in New Orleans. Louisiana’s Episcopal High School in Baton Rouge is where Graves received his diploma.

2022 Todd Graves Net Worth

Being kindhearted individuals, Todd and Gwen are always willing to assist anyone in need. We can only be in awe of them because they are supporting so many charitable causes.

Todd Graves’ estimated net worth as of 2022 is $150 million. Since his restaurants are operating all over America, we can anticipate an increase in this figure.

Chicken fingers from Raising Cane

Todd Graves Net Worth: How This Person Become So Rich? Latest Update!

In order to test their company strategy, Graves and his longtime friend Craig Silvey took Silvey’s business plan course at LSU. The lecturer said that a business that exclusively sold chicken fingers could never be successful after the project achieved a B in the class. The two were unsuccessful in getting bankers to support their plan for a restaurant. In order to gather money to open the first restaurant, Graves first worked at a refinery in California before joining Silvey there as a salmon fisherman.

In 1996, Graves opened Raising Cane’s on Highland Road, just outside the North Gates of Louisiana State University. Graves would manage the growth of the business during the following 25 years, resulting in more than 580 restaurants in the United States and the Middle East, with more than $1.9 billion in annual sales.

The names of the restaurants are derived from Raising Cane I, Graves’ dog at the time the first restaurant was established. Their main office is in Baton Rouge.

Private Life

Raising Cane III, a yellow Labrador, lives with Graves and his wife Gwen in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. They have two kids together.

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Awards and acclaim

Todd Graves Net Worth: How This Person Become So Rich? Latest Update!

Graves was ranked #28 on Glassdoor’s list of the Top CEOs in the United States for 2019. He received the 2012 Restaurateur of the Year award from the Louisiana Restaurant Association, and the 2013 Louisianan of the Year award from Louisiana Life magazine. The 2010 SCORE Award for Socially Progressive Business was given to Graves. Additionally, Graves has been recognized as the 2008 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award recipient.

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Graves gives both personally and through Raising Cane’s to a variety of charities and nonprofits. Graves and Raising Cane’s concentrate community activities on six areas: education, feeding the hungry, animal welfare, leading active lives, business growth and entrepreneurship, and “everything else.”

Graves collaborated with the Manning Family and Michael Thomas in 2020 to provide food for thousands of front-line medical personnel fighting the pandemic. Along with paying his Crewmembers to produce 10,000 masks to deliver to hospitals, he also spent $70,000 on gift cards for nearby eateries.

Graves, a devoted collector, has given the Louisiana Arts and Science Museum a triceratops skull that dates back 66 million years. Additionally, he has loaned the hearse used to transport Martin Luther King Jr. to exhibitions across the nation.

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Presences On Television

Todd Graves Net Worth: How This Person Become So Rich? Latest Update!

Graves created a brand-new television program in 2020 called Restaurant Recovery, which will premiere in 2021. The 10-episode series follows Graves as she visits eateries that are about to close due to the COVID-19 outbreak all around the nation.

Graves made an appearance on a Q episode of Built for Business in December 2020 where the Cruising Kitchens crew had two Raising Cane’s food trucks custom built. Additionally, Graves has made appearances on Treehouse Masters, Fast N Loud, and Food Court Wars.

In 2008, Graves had an appearance on The Secret Millionaire, a reality television program that aired on Fox Broadcasting. The program centers on a group of millionaires from all across the nation who give up their opulent lifestyles to live underground in some of the most needy and underdeveloped towns. For the Hurricane Katrina-affected non-profits in Plaquemines Parish, Graves gave more than $400,000.



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