How “American Professional Boxer” Sugar Ray Leonard Amassed a Fortune of $120 Million?

Sugar Ray Leonard Net Worth: North Carolina-born former professional boxer, motivational speaker, and sometimes actor Sugar Ray Leonard is an American. Leonard is considered to be one of the best boxers in history. He was a member of “The Fabulous Four,” a quartet of fighters that battled during the 1980s.

Early Life

Ray Charles Leonard was born in Wilmington, North Carolina, on May 17, 1956. He was named after Ray Charles, the favorite singer of his mother.

Leonard attended Parkdale High School; he was a timid boy; and, with the exception of the time he nearly drowned in a creek during a flood in Seat Pleasant, Maryland, he had an unremarkable life.

Sugar Ray Leonard Net Worth

Sugar Ray Leonard, is a retired American professional boxer, with a net worth of $120 Million. According to different internet references (Wikipedia, Forbes, IMDB), Sugar Ray Leonard, the most famous retired American professional boxer, has an estimated net worth of around $120 million.

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Real Estate

Sugar Ray Leonard purchased a property in the Pacific Palisades region of Los Angeles for $7 million in June 1993. Inflation-adjusted, this is equivalent to around $14 million today. In July 2019, he placed the home on the market for a staggering $52 million. The property encompasses two acres, and the primary residence is over 17,000 square feet in size.

The property also includes a two-story guesthouse, tennis court, putting green, and swimming pool. In October 2022, the asking price was reduced to $45 million. Here is a video tour of the incredible mansion Sugar Ray Leonard is marketing as “The Leonard Estate”:


In 1969, Leonard began boxing at the National Park leisure center with the assistance of his older brother, Roger. Dave Jacobs, a former boxer, and Janks Morton, both volunteer boxing teachers, soon began training him. In 1972, he met boxer Jerome Artist in the quarterfinals of the National AAU Tournament at featherweight and suffered his first professional loss.

The next year, he participated in the Eastern Olympic Trials, where the minimum age requirement was seventeen, but he lied about his age. In 1975, he won both the National AAU Light Welterweight Championship and the Pan American Games Light Welterweight Championship.

This excellent boxer competed in the light welterweight division for the United States Olympic Team in 1976 and went on to win the Olympic gold medal. Leonard resigned from the WBC Super Middleweight Championship in 1990, citing he had no desire to make a third return.

Sugar Ray Leonard Relationships

Sugar Ray Leonard wed his childhood girlfriend, Juanita Wilkinson, in 1980. Prior to this, they had been in a relationship for some years and had a six-year-old kid. Wilkinson and Leonard brought a second child into the world in 1984. In 1990, the couple separated.

As a result of the legal processes, different aspects concerning their connection were disclosed. Juanita said that Ray abused alcohol and drugs. She also claimed that Ray abused her physically while inebriated.

Sugar Ray Leonard Net Worth

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Leonard agreed that these charges were accurate, and he subsequently stated that he had begun taking cocaine because he missed competing at the greatest level. However, he emphasized that his drug addiction problems were not the reason for the breakup.

One year prior to his separation, Sugar Ray met Bernadette Robi. Robi and Leonard got married in 1993. Their wedding ceremony was highly lavish, and Leonard had tens of thousands of flowers shipped in from Holland to transform his whole Pacific Palisades outside property into a flower garden.

Sugar Ray Leonard Facts

  • Smokes Sugar Ray Leonard? No
  • Does Sugar Ray Leonard consume alcohol? Yes
  • Sugar Ray Leonard is extremely health conscious. Sugar Ray Leonard consumes eating before 9 p.m.
  • Sugar Ray Leonard enjoys boxing tremendously.
  • Sugar Ray Leonard enjoys boxing-themed television shows.
  • Sugar Ray Leonard has admitted that his childhood crush has always been Sugar Ray Leonard.

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