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Micky Dolenz Net Worth: How “The Monkees” Helped Micky To Become a Millionaire!

Actor, Filmmaker, Musician, and Radio Host Micky Dolenz hails from the United States. He sang and played drums with the Monkees in the 1960s, but he also had a successful career as an actor, TV director, radio host, and theatrical director. More than 65 million albums and singles have been sold by this point in time.

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Early Life

Micky Dolenz Net Worth

As George Michael Dolenz Jr., he entered the world on March 8, 1945, in Los Angeles, California. Micky had Perthes disease as a kid and was raised by two actors with three younger sisters. This caused his right hip and leg to be shorter and weaker than his left. Later in his musical career, Dolenz’s health issues necessitated the development of a unique, highly unconventional drum kit.

It’s often forgotten that Micky started out in the show business as a kid actor before becoming famous as a musician. At a young age, he became a TV sensation, beginning with the children’s show “Circus Boy.” Dolenz continued to book jobs on TV shows even when he entered high school in Los Angeles. Mr. Novak was one of his most famous roles at the time.

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Micky Dolenz’s Net Worth

Micky Dolenz Net Worth

As of September 2022, Micky Dolenz has an estimated net worth of $9 million.

Real Estate

Micky Dolenz Net Worth

Mickey Dolenz reportedly bought a house in LA’s West Valley area in 2001. He paid somewhat less than $1 million for the property. Four bedrooms can be found in this home that spans around 3,000 square feet and can be found in a secure gated community. It was in 1985 when this Spanish-Mediterranean style home was first erected. There’s a pool and spa in the backyard, and it’s situated on more than an acre of ground.

In a similar vein, Dolenz listed the house he had previously owned about the same period. He had lived in this Sherman Oaks house since 1992. It’s currently listed for $625,000, the asking price he set. There are four bedrooms here, too, although the house is only 2,200 square feet in size. The 1950s-era gated mansion offers breathtaking panoramas of the surrounding area. There is also a spa and a fireplace.

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Micky Dolenz Net Worth

By the time he left high school, Micky Dolenz was already a seasoned musician who had created a number of his own songs. At first, he fronted a band he’d founded himself. His undergraduate years were the time when he decided to try out for the Monkees. He sang Chuck Berry’s “Johnny B. Goode” during the audition. In 1965, he was granted a part in the band.

NBC’s targeting of a comedy with their promotion of the band made them one of a kind. Micky Dolzen not only landed a part in the band but also in the comedy series when he was cast. Micky Dolenz had no prior experience with drums at this point and had to learn to “mime” the instrument in order to contribute to the early episodes of the show.

However, as the show progressed, he honed his drumming skills. A year later, he was ready to play drums in front of an audience while on tour with the Monkees. The early years of the Monkees’ career were a bit wild since the band members frequently pulled practical jokes on one other during sessions. The situation deteriorated to the point where the record company had to bring in each member separately to record.

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Micky Dolenz Net Worth

Dolenz’s voice has been singled out by many Monkees detractors as the band’s defining characteristic. Members of the band would frequently let Micky take the spotlight by singing lead. Dolenz penned a large number of the band’s songs, including “Randy Scouse Git.”

Additionally, he sang lead on several of the band’s most well-known songs, including “Pleasant Valley Sunday” and “I’m a Believer.” Micky’s involvement behind the camera grew as the sitcom neared its end, and he directed and co-wrote the series finale.

Dolenz was also ahead of the curve when it came to cutting-edge musical technology; he owned the third commercially sold modular Moog synthesizer. Later, in the track “Daily Nightly,” one of the earliest examples of a synthesizer being used in a rock song, he incorporated its use. Many of the Monkees died out over the years, leaving only Dolenz and one other member.

After the Monkees broke up, Micky pursued a solo career in music but also worked extensively in cinema and television. His voice talent was particularly noteworthy; he voiced numerous characters in popular Saturday morning cartoons.

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Micky Dolenz Net Worth

He had guest-starring roles on shows like “Adam-12” and “Cannon” in the ’70s. His voice acting career lasted well into the current day, with roles in shows like “Mighty Magiswords.”

Micky tried out for roles such as the Fonz in “Happy Days” and the Riddler in “Batman Forever” after the Monkees broke up. Today, he is most recognized for his roles in Rob Zombie’s 2007 remake of “Halloween” and two episodes of “Boy Meets World.”

Dolenz is also famous for his time spent behind the microphone. When Dan Taylor left his New York “oldies” radio show in 2005, he took over. But this position lasted barely a year before being eliminated along with the rest of the station’s disc jockeys. That, in turn, lasted only a few years until the show reverted to its original format, and Dolenz ultimately came back to host his 101st radio program.



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