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Jared Leto Dating: Plenty about Valery Kaufman, the girl he’s been secretly dating for years

Jared Leto isn’t one to flaunt his love life on social media, but the actor has been seeing model Valery Kaufman, 26, for the past few years.

After Kaufman and Leto were sighted hiking in Malibu in early June 2020, the public acquired some unusual details on the duo. In September 2020, the two were photographed again, this time rock climbing.

Here’s all you need to know about Kaufman, her modeling career, and her relationship with Leto.

Kaufman — Russian model 

Kaufman was named one of the best 50 models in the industry by Models.com. Kaufman was landing huge ads as early as 2014, including one with Saint Laurent. In November 2014, Kaufman told i-D, “I always knew I’d be doing this [modeling].” “My sister and I used to compete in a lot of beauty pageants when we were younger.

Jared Leto Dating: Plenty about Valery Kaufman, the girl he's been secretly dating for years

I’ve been dancing nonstop since I was nine years old. I didn’t know how it would happen, but I’d always assumed I’d be performing or modeling. I wasn’t scouted, although I did send my photos to various agencies. First, Ford contacted me, so I traveled to New York, but after visiting several agencies, I chose Marilyn before going to The Society, where I am now represented, and that’s how it all began.

However, after only one week, I began participating in Fashion Week! It’s been four seasons since then. It’s insane; you simply get caught up in it. Every day there are fittings and castings, but when things slow down, it feels as though nothing is occurring. Because you’re so used to it, you almost want to keep going.”

Kaufman was born and raised in Moscow

She talked to i-D about her early years. “It was incredible growing up in Russia,” she remarked. “My city is the place to be, and I adore it. I admire the people and the mindset. It’s constantly changing. It’s a new chapter for Moscow right now because we’re creating in this new architectural style where the buildings are all extremely tall towers.

Jared Leto Dating: Plenty about Valery Kaufman, the girl he's been secretly dating for years

It used to be a little different, almost like a village. Buildings used to be tiny and uniform, but now there are many more business centers and offices. It’s still a work in progress, both historically and culturally. It was a wonderful location to grow up in!”

Leto and Kaufman began their friendship as friends

The couple didn’t start dating right away. “They appeared to be pals at first,” a source told the newspaper. “They’d get out with groups of individuals and hang around together. They didn’t go on dates by themselves.”

For years, Leto and Kaufman have been on-again, off-again

In June 2020, a source told that “Things appear to have become more romantic over time. They’ve been dating for a few years now, but they seem to be spending more time together recently.”

Jared Leto Dating: Plenty about Valery Kaufman, the girl he's been secretly dating for years

Only a few times have the two been photographed together throughout the years. They were shot in July 2017, February 2018, February 2020, and September 2020, all at the same time.

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Kaufman, who was born on May 30 and is a Gemini, is 26 years old

For her 2020 birthday, she shared a childhood photo on Instagram. (For those interested in astrology, Leto is a Capricorn, which makes for an intriguing astrological pairing.)

Here’s the Instagram Post by valerykaufman

On Instagram, Kaufman has over 509,000 followers

Jared Leto Dating: Plenty about Valery Kaufman, the girl he's been secretly dating for years

She primarily uses her Instagram account to share her modeling editorials and the occasional selfie with her dog. She and Leto haven’t discussed their romance on their grid.

Here’s the Instagram Account of valerykaufman

Kaufman has commented about her passion of acting, music (particularly Michael Jackson’s), and art

Kaufman hasn’t given many in-depth interviews over the years, although she did speak with i-D in 2014 about her interests. She described her musical tastes as “growing up listening to Michael Jackson and Bob Marley.” “I think they’re idols, they’re both monarchs of music!” “My favorite tracks are ‘Billie Jean,’ of course, ‘Bad,’ ‘Thriller,’ which I used to dance to,’ everything!”

“I love art, I visit a lot of galleries,” Kaufman said. “I love pop art, especially Andy Warhol and Keith Haring. I also think Damien Hirst is amazing, especially those butterfly pieces! I love his style. I also take acting classes at the New York Film Academy. I’m planning to enroll at NYU next season for theater, so we’ll see how it goes.”



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