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Jared Leto Controversy: This Is How His Career Has Been So Controversial, Here’s What We Know!

Jared Leto, the Oscar winner for ‘Suicide Squad,’ has been involved in a slew of issues throughout his time in the spotlight. Since his on-screen acting debut in 1992, Dallas Buyers Club star Jared Leto has unquestionably made a tremendous effect in Hollywood.

Since then, the Louisiana native has built a name for himself not only through his acting jobs, but also through his and his brother’s band, Thirty Seconds To Mars, in the music industry. Despite his declaration that he wanted to “retire” from acting, it’s difficult to envisage a world in which the Oscar winner is not well-known.

While spectacular performances and his fan-created “heartthrob” status brought the 50-year-old to prominence, the Suicide Squad actor has been at the center of a number of issues throughout his time in the spotlight.

Assaulting casting directors and using bizarre acting techniques are just a few of Leto’s behaviors that have created controversy over the course of his career. So let’s take a look at some of Leto’s most infamous disputes.

6.Jared Leto Profited From His Cult

Jared Leto Controversy: This Is How His Career Has Been So Controversial, Here's What We Know!

Not only did the event fuel allegations and anger that Leto was heading a cult, but the exorbitant fees for these cult-like getaways caused even more controversy, as Leto was accused of abusing his celebrity to extract money from his supporters. In September 2019, the band held another retreat in Malibu, charging fans a whopping $999 to camp outside for two nights with no tents or other materials provided. For a lone room, the cheapest accessible choice was $6,499 for a “VIP experience.”

5.Jared Leto Is Supposedly Trying To Get Involved With Underage

Leto was accused of misbehaving with minor celebrities, which was one of the more serious claims he faced. In 2018, Dylan Sprouse, star of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, took to Twitter to directly address Leto and bring the problem to light.

“Now that you’ve slid into the dm’s of every female model aged 18-25, what would you say your success rate is?” Sprouse asked.

A new accusation has been leveled at Leto. The post includes a screenshot of filmmaker James Gunn‘s now-deleted reaction to Sprouse’s tweet, in which he questions if Leto’s age range online begins at 18 years old. Later in the report, it was revealed that an unnamed source had spoken out to the New York Post about Leto’s habit of texting 16 and 17-year-old models on a regular basis.

 4. Jared Leto’s alleged misdeeds did not only affect models and celebrities

Jared Leto Controversy: This Is How His Career Has Been So Controversial, Here's What We Know!

Leto allegedly had a habit of not only targeting juvenile models and celebrities, but also his own underage admirers Another Cosby?, a now-deleted piece by Evangeline Van Houten. A Reminder That Several Women Have Accused Jared Leto Of Sexual Assault featured one of Leto’s 15-year-old admirers’ alleged experiences with the actor/singer sleeping with him.

3.In ‘Suicide Squad,’ Jared Leto went to great lengths to play The Joker

Those who have worked with Leto have notoriously spoken out about what it’s like to deal with the strange actor. Leto was embroiled in yet another controversy in 2016 as a result of his unusual and unsettling techniques of prepping for his role as The Joker in DC’s Suicide Squad. Leto would send his costars extremely obscene gifts such as dead animals, anal beads, and even used condoms as a way to “identify” with his role.

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 2.To Those Who Disagree With His Methods, Jared Leto Had This To Say

Jared Leto Controversy: This Is How His Career Has Been So Controversial, Here's What We Know!

Leto was not pleased with the response he received as a result of the obscene presents he sent his Suicide Squad co-stars. Leto attempted to excuse his conduct in a 2016 interview with E! News, much to the chagrin of his co-stars, who had previously labeled him as “jarring.”

“I did a lot of things to create a dynamic, an element of surprise, of spontaneity, and to really tear down any kind of walls that may be there,” the 50-year-old said. “The Joker is someone who doesn’t really respect things like personal space or boundaries,” he continued later.

1. In the name of method acting, Jared Leto continues to go to extremes

Jared Leto Controversy: This Is How His Career Has Been So Controversial, Here's What We Know!

With the premiere of Leto’s latest film, Morbius, the criticism regarding his excessive method acting has resurfaced. To prepare for his role as Dr. Michael Morbius, Marvel’s first on-screen vampire, Leto stayed in character throughout the shoot, including “pretending to be crippled” in between takes and using his character’s crutches on his toilet breaks.

Morbius director Daniel Espinosa corroborated this in an interview with Uproxx magazine, and even went on to say that Leto’s style was a problem on production since the actor took too long to walk around between scenes. Leto had to be given a wheelchair to “walk around” in, according to Espinosa, in order to speed him up.



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