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Is Lizzo a Lesbian: Lizzo discusses her sexuality in her newest album

Is Lizzo a Lesbian: Melissa Viviane Jefferson was born in Detroit, Michigan on April 27, 1988. She spent the first several years of her life with two elder brothers in her hometown. This setting had a good effect on Lizzo’s development. Her family was very devout and Pentecostal in their beliefs. She sang gospel music and sang in church choruses. This also inspired her music.

Is Lizzo a Lesbian: Lizzo discusses her sexuality in her newest album

Lizzo refers to her followers as “Lizzbians” and has been a longtime online supporter of the LGBTQ community; nonetheless, she maintains her refusal to name her sexual orientation. On April 14, “About Damn Time” was released before the rest of her most recent album. The popular song’s lyrics state, “In a moment, I’ll need a sentimental guy or lady to cheer me up.” This brief mention to Lizzo’s sexuality is elaborated upon throughout the remainder of “Special.”

The provocative title of the song “Everybody’s Gay” caught my attention instantly. It reminded me of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” because of its references to masks and Halloween, as well as its music.

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Initially, I believed “Everybody’s Gay” was “queerbaiting” — when artists try to profit off the LGBTQ community by throwing frequently deceptive clues that they could be part of such group — and that she was using “gay” to signify “happy.” However, when the song’s lyrics became less ambiguous, I realized she meant “gay” in a more colloquial sense, referring to the LGBTQ population in general.

“There’s a Mona Lisa groaning in the room; call a hot nurse to meet me in the bathroom” was the line that convinced me of Lizzo’s homosexuality. I wanted to enjoy this song more than I really do. I find it amusing and intriguing to say that “everyone is homosexual.” However, I have the impression that this song is attempting to achieve too much and falling short.

Is Lizzo a Lesbian

As a member of the LGBTQ community, I’m unsure whether Lizzo’s statement that “everyone’s gay” applies to everyone. Despite the fact that I admire what she’s attempting to say, I get the impression that she’s more in denial of her sexuality than asserting it; yet, I respect the risk she made with this song. Although I do not believe it was successful, the song will undoubtedly provoke controversy, which may have been her main intention in creating it.

The song “2 Be Loved (Am I Ready)” is one of the most mature ways I’ve seen an artist approach the topic of love. The entire song is Lizzo arguing whether or not she believes she is ready to be loved, not only if she desires to be loved. The song “yesterday I would have gone away, and I don’t know why” resonated with me, as I admired the lyrics’ honest contemplation.

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The introduction of “I Love You, B****” captivated me. What is skilfully veiled to appear as a song about friendship might also be interpreted as a declaration of love to a female friend.

Lizzo sings, “Because you’re lovely and intelligent, f*****g talented, you’re at my side, I don’t need no wish, I love you, b****” This is an indisputable and rather convincing declaration of love, in my opinion. Not just that b****, but also you, my b****, you water all your plants and eat your vegetables, and I’m infatuated with it. Overall, this album was quite different from what I anticipated, while maintaining true to Lizzo’s signature sound. I like Lizzo’s new path and the songs it may inspire in the future.



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