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“Fat” Tom Cruise May Have Had Surgery As Baseball Photos Go Viral

Following his appearance at a baseball game, users of social media referred to the actor as “fat” and speculated that he had undergone plastic surgery in order to get his current appearance.

Tom Cruise Makes Baseball Appearance

On Monday, Tom Cruise made an appearance at the baseball game between the Giants and the Dodgers, which caused a lot of buzz on the internet. While Cruise and his son Connor were watching the game, many people on social media were commenting on the 59-year-old actor’s appearance and what they thought of it.

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There were whispers that the actor had Botox or face filler since some people thought the actor’s face appeared to have a swollen appearance. Some people thought that Tom Cruise had undergone a substantial transformation in his appearance and that he no longer resembled himself.

Why Has The Actor’s Face Changed?

The most recent public appearance made by Tom Cruise has sparked rumors that the actor has undergone plastic surgery. Dr. Ross Perry, the Medical Director of the Cosmedics skin clinics, shared the following information with The Daily Mail: “Tom appears noticeably different in his most recent images, and I would guess that it’s a combination of weight gain and dermal fillers.

“Tom’s cheeks look taut yet puffy, and having this amount of fillers inserted in this area, which is meant to restore the plumpness that we lose as we age, in actuality simply makes his eyes look much smaller and gives him an appearance similar to that of a chipmunk.”

"Fat" Tom Cruise May Have Had Surgery As Baseball Photos Go Viral

On the other hand, Dr. Alice Henshaw, who runs Harley Street Injectables and is also a practitioner, was not of the same opinion. Henshaw made the following observation: “When viewed from the side, his profile shows that his neck is likewise rather large. It would not be possible to implant a filler in this area, which indicates that the issue would not be filler but rather swelling or weight gain.

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Has Tom Cruise Ever Admitted To Surgery?

Hollywood icon Tom Cruise is frequently the subject of speculation regarding plastic surgery, most notably in 2012 and again in 2016. In an interview with Playboy published in 2012, the actor was asked about plastic surgery, and he categorically dismissed the rumors by declaring, “I haven’t, and I never will.”



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