How Did “The Patient” Star Domhnall Gleeson Get His $7 Million Fortune?

Domhnall Gleeson Net Worth: Domhnall Gleeson, the first of Mary and actor Brendan Gleeson’s four kids, was born on May 12, 1983, in Dublin, Ireland. Rory, Fergus, and Brian are his brothers. Gleeson attended Malahide Community School as a child, where he participated in school plays. He continued his education by enrolling at the Dublin Institute of Technology, where he graduated with a degree in media arts.

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Domhnall Gleeson Net Worth

Irish actor, playwright, and director Domhnall Gleeson has a $7 million fortune. The roles that Domhnall Gleeson played in movies like “About Time,” “Unbroken,” “Frank,” “The Revenant,” and “Ex Machina” are what made him most famous. He is particularly well-known for his roles as General Armitage Hux in the “Star Wars” sequel trilogy and Bill Weasley in the final two “Harry Potter” movies. Among his other famous performances, Gleeson starred in the Broadway productions of “The Lieutenant of Inishmore” and “Run” for HBO.

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Personal Life

Domhnall Gleeson resides in Dublin, Ireland’s Ballsbridge district. He is an ardent supporter of the Premier League football team Aston Villa, just like his father.

Domhnall Gleeson Net Worth

Film Career

In the 2004 short film “Six Shooters” by Martin McDonagh, Domhnall Gleeson made his acting debut. The movie won the Academy Award for Best Live-Action Short Film and starred Gleeson’s father. He then got a brief role in the horror-comedy “Boy Eats Girl” after that. In the movie “Studs” in 2006, Gleeson had another appearance alongside his father.

Three years later, in the criminal comedy black comedy “Perrier’s Bounty,” father and son reunited on screen. In 2010, Gleeson appeared in the dystopian love story “Never Let Me Go.” He portrayed Bill Weasley in the first installment of the final “Harry Potter” movie and Moon in the Coen brothers’ adaptation of the Western “True Grit” in the same year. Gleeson came back in 2011 to reprise his role as Bill Weasley in the last “Harry Potter” movie.

Gleeson made three movie appearances in 2012: “Shadow Dancer,” “Anna Karenina,” and “Dredd,” a science fiction action movie. He co-starred with Rachel McAdams in the fantasy love story “About Time” the following year. The role alongside Michael Fassbender in the dark comedy “Frank” came next.

In addition, Gleeson acted opposite Jack O’Connell in the war drama “Unbroken” and co-starred with his father in the Irish drama “Calvary.” Then, in 2015, he had his most successful year to date as a performer, appearing in four significant Oscar-nominated movies: “Ex Machina,” a science-fiction thriller; “Brooklyn,” a period romance; “The Patient” “The Revenant,” a biographical adventure drama; and “The Force Awakens,” the first film in the “Star Wars” sequel trilogy.

Television Career

Domhnall Gleeson made his début on television in a 2001 episode of the miniseries “Rebel Heart.” He appeared in the following three episodes of the brief Irish television series “The Last Furlong.” Gleeson starred alongside Jeff Bridges in the 2009 HBO television movie “A Dog Year.” He co-wrote and starred in “Your Bad Self,” an Irish sketch comedy program, the following year. He also played musician Bob Geldof in the movie “When Harvey Met Bob.” Gleeson’s next appearance on television was in an episode of the science-fiction anthology series “Black Mirror” from 2013. He made an appearance in two episodes of the comedy “Catastrophe” four years later.

Gleeson featured opposite Merritt Wever in the HBO comedy-thriller “Run” in 2020, marking his first major part on a regular series. However, after just one season, the show was cancelled. The Irish comedy series “Frank of Ireland” was later developed and acted in by Gleeson and his brother Brian. The political drama miniseries “The White House Plumbers,” in which Gleeson plays Richard Nixon’s White House Counsel John Dean, is one of his other television roles.

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Stage Career

Domhnall Gleeson made an appearance in “The Lieutenant of Inishmore,” Martin McDonagh’s original black comedy play, from 2001 to 2002. He kept acting in the play throughout its run on Broadway in 2006 and was nominated for a Tony Award for Best Featured Actor in a Play.

The plays “American Buffalo” and “Great Expectations” were the next two that Gleeson appeared in 2007. He participated in Enda Walsh’s “The Walworth Farce” in 2015 and in “Medicine,” another one of Walsh’s plays, in 2021.


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