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David Portnoy Controversy: Indicated for sexual assault by three additional women, Dave Portnoy promises to file a lawsuit

David Portnoy Controversy: Dave Portnoy, the founder of Barstool Sports, announced on Wednesday that he intends to sue in response to recent claims that he secretly recorded sex with women. The 44-year-old internet sensation is being accused of inappropriate behaviour and humiliating rough sex by a number of women, although Portnoy vehemently refutes the allegations.

Three other women disclosed to Business Insider that Portnoy recorded their sex acts without getting their consent; one of them said he fractured her rib during an intense tryst that was captured on camera. However, Portnoy vehemently refuted the claims and threatened to sue Business Insider and author Julia Black in a lengthy blog post. He also denied ever filming anyone without their permission.

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In a blog post written following the article’s release, Portnoy stated, “Somebody needs to be the guy who says enough is enough.” A man who is prepared to burn in order to ensure that his opponents also burn.

In the post, he said that Portnoy “has nothing to hide and lives for retribution.” Considering that if I say anything once, I’ve said it a thousand times. If everyone I despise goes down with me, I’m willing to blow up my own ship,” he remarked. No agreement will be reached. They cannot pay me anything to take them off their backs. Once I have forced these guys out of business, I won’t stop.

David Portnoy Controversy

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Business Insider first reported allegations made by women accusing

Business Insider first reported allegations made by women accusing Portnoy of having forceful and unpleasant sexual encounters in November 2021. In the publication’s most recent piece published on Wednesday, a woman by the name of Kayla made fresh charges, claiming Portnoy had become increasingly aggressive during multiple sessions, slapped her in the face, and choked her during sex.

“Sure, getting a little choked up is fun. According to the article, Kayla said, “It was just way too much. It was horrible. No air was getting to me. One of the scariest things is being unable to breathe because it causes such panic. The CEO of Barstool is also accused of sending footage of himself having sex with other women.

Portnoy, on the other hand, maintained throughout his lengthy refutation that the sex was consensual and continued after the accusers supposedly felt frightened. He includes screenshots of explicit text message exchanges with some of the persons who are supposedly behind the claims in his response. He claims that the accusers sometimes kept in touch with him long after their romantic ties had ended.



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