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Colonel Tom Parker Net Worth: How Did the Manager of Elvis Presley Make Money? What Was His Net Worth When He Passed Away?

Colonel Tom Parker served as Elvis Presley’s first and only manager from the 1950s until his death in 1977. Without him, the King of Rock and Roll’s legacy might not be what it is today, claims Smithsonian Magazine. The tales and traditions surrounding Parker, who was born in the Netherlands, are almost as many as those around Elvis.

(Could he have actually committed a murder? We’ll probably never find out). But one thing is certain: Parker made a lot of money over the years he spent overseeing Presley’s career, which led to sizeable net worth for him at the time of his passing.

Early Life

Andreas Cornelis van Kuijk, the birth name of Colonel Tom Parker, occurred on June 26, 1909, in Breda, Netherlands. Parker claimed to be from Huntington, West Virginia, but his true ancestry was discovered after family members in the Netherlands saw an image of him with Elvis Presley in a news shot. As a talented storyteller, he looked for odd jobs, such as one with a nearby circus where he helped with horse training.

colonel tom parker net worth

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Colonel Tom Parker’s Net Worth

Colonel Tom Parker, a Dutch-American talent manager and businessman in the music industry, had a $1 million fortune at the time of his passing in 1997. Most people know Colonel Tom Parker as Elvis Presley’s manager.

colonel tom parker net worth


He helped Presley become a superstar in the 1950s and, among other things, influenced his choices to marry his wife Priscilla, and to submit to the military draft. A judge determined that Parker’s handling of Presley had been unethical during a probe in the early 1980s.


Working with well-known singer Gene Austin, Parker initially got involved in the music business as a music promoter in 1938.

Despite earning over $17 million and selling over 86 million recordings since 1924, Austin’s career was at a bit of a low point. He had spent a large portion of his wealth on partying, automobiles, homes, and women, and other artists like Bing Crosby had surpassed him in popularity.

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Parker, who was given the job of promoting the celebrity, found the adjustment to a new vocation to be easy and used a lot of his “carny” skills to sell tickets and draw large crowds. Despite being a great promoter, he had managed as his ultimate goal.

A Confederate Showman, Colonel Tom Parker

Colonel Tom Parker and Elvis Presley collaborated for the first time in 1955, despite Parker’s early career in the carnival and attempts to manage other performers. Parker, a Dutch native, may have been a stowaway even though he claimed to have entered the country through Canada. Soon after starting to work with Elvis, he also declared that he was born in West Virginia rather than Europe, as noted in his Biography.

Personal Life and Death

In 1935, Parker married Marie Francis Mott while he was employed by the circus. Before Parker’s managerial career took off, the two of them initially collaborated at fairs. When Mott began exhibiting symptoms of dementia in the 1960s, Parker withdrew from her and sought solace in gambling.

colonel tom parker net worth

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Mott, who was 78 years old, passed away in late 1986. Parker later wed Loanne Miller, his longtime secretary, in 1990. By the time of his final public appearances in 1994, Parker had a number of health issues, including diabetes and gout. He died at the age of 87 in Las Vegas following a stroke in the early months of 1997.



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