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Andrew Gillum Controversy: The 2018 Florida gubernatorial contender, Andrew Gillum, has been charged with fraud

Andrew Gillum Controversy

Andrew Gillum Controversy: Andrew Gillum Progressive politician who was the Democratic contender for Governor of Florida in 2018, but ultimately lost the election to Republican Ron DeSantis in a race that was extremely close. In 2014, he was elected to his current position as Mayor of Tallahassee.

Andrew Gillum Controversy

Andrew Gillum and a longtime advisor were charged on fraud charges Wednesday. A grand jury delivered a 21-count indictment against Gillum and longtime Gillum aide Sharon Letterman-Hicks. Gillum and Letterman-Hicks allegedly fraudulently solicited contributions between 2016 and 2019. It further says that the couple utilized third parties to transfer some of the monies to Letterman-Hicks’ firm, which subsequently gave them to Gillum.

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Gillum and Letterman-Hicks face 19 wire fraud allegations. Gillum is accused of lying to the FBI. Gillum and Letterman-Hicks will appear in court Wednesday. Former Tallahassee mayor Gillum denied misconduct and alleged the lawsuit was politically motivated. “I’ve spent the last 20 years fighting for the people,” Gillum stated. “I’ve always ran honest campaigns.” This matter is political, not legal.

“I’ve always stood up for Florida’s citizens and spoken truth to power.” As Tallahassee’s mayor, I’ve been a target. My legal team will show my innocence today, as they did then. Gillum’s counsel declined to comment to The Hill but defended him to NBC News. “Today, the government erred. The proof proves Mr. Gillum’s innocence. Marc Elias, a renowned Democratic attorney, and David Oscar Markus, a criminal defense attorney, hope to end the case and give Andrew and his family peace of mind.

Gillum’s reputation has taken another hit. Once a rising Democratic star in Florida, Gillum has faced criticism since losing to Gov. Ron DeSantis. In 2020, he was caught in a Miami Beach hotel room with an overdosed escort. Gillum abused alcohol to cope with his defeat to DeSantis and entered treatment. Gillum was the mayor of Tallahassee when the FBI investigated him for corruption. While not criminally charged, he paid a $5,000 fine.

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Andrew Gillum Biography

Andrew Gillum is a well-known politician who was born in the United States on June 26, 1979. A progressive politician who ran for Governor of Florida as the Democratic nominee in 2018 but lost to Republican Ron DeSantis in a close race. In 2014, he began his job as mayor of Tallahassee. Astrologers say that Andrew Gillum’s sun sign is Cancer. In 2009, he married R. Jai Howard, the girl he had a crush on in college. In 2014, they had twins, Caroline and Jackson, and in 2017, they had Davis.

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