Zaya’s Petition to Have Her Name Legally Changed Is Opposed by Dwyane Wade’s Ex-Wife

Siohvaughn Funches-Wade, Dwyane Wade’s ex-wife, is opposing the NBA star’s court plea to enable their child, Zaya, to officially alter her name and gender. Dwyane submitted a petition with the court on Aug. 22 asking for “validation of minor’s change of gender and issuing of new birth certificate and change of name” for Zaya, who was born Zion Malachi Airamis Wade.

Siohvaughn filed a formal objection on Tuesday, saying that her ex-husband is seeking to abuse their kid for financial gain. In the application, seen by ET on Wednesday, Siohvaughn claims that the custody arrangement she signed with Dwyane in Illinois, where their divorce was completed, permits her to participate in the decision to officially change their child’s gender and name.

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Zaya's Petition to Have Her Name Legally Changed Is Opposed by Dwyane Wade's Ex-Wife

Dwyane, she alleges, has not contacted her or inquired about the choice. In addition, Siohvaughn claims, “[Dwyane] invited me to one of his Atlanta, Georgia, properties in April 2022. During this occasion, [he] informed me that a large sum of money had already been made and that more money would be made in regard to our child’s name and gender. [He] informed me that he planned to make our child famous due to the name and gender issue and that there would be endorsements/contracts involved.”

Siohvaughn, who refers to Zaya by Zion in his complaint, goes on to say, “I asked what corporations had made or were prepared to make arrangements with [Dwyane] about our child. Zion, who was there at the moment, said that numerous firms were interested, with Disney being one of them.”

In the petition, Siohvaughn expresses her “fear that our kid is being commercialized at such a young age,” as well as her anxiety about the “uncontrollable implications of media exposure.” “I am concerned that [Dwyane] may be forcing our kid to go with the name and gender change in order for him to benefit on the money offers that he has received from corporations,” Siohvaughn writes in the lawsuit.

Siohvaughn believes that their kid should be able to decide for themselves whether or not they wish to legally alter their name and gender once they reach the age of 18. Dwyane talked with ET at the TIME 100 Gala in New York City in June, where he discussed Zaya’s bravery and fighting up for her rights.

Zaya's Petition to Have Her Name Legally Changed Is Opposed by Dwyane Wade's Ex-Wife

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“That’s all we speak about, her bravery. To begin with, at the age of eight, she had the chat with her father and family “Dwyane agreed. “I look at her, and I’m 40 years old, and I don’t believe I’m nearly as brave as she is. I believe we all want to get to the point where we’re living the life we’ve always wanted to live or being the people we’ve always wanted to be, and she’s no exception.”

He said, “Even when the topic turns to her gender and sexuality, the point remains the same: we’re all trying to go to the same destination. So I consider myself fortunate and blessed to be her father, and I am grateful that I was chosen to be her facilitator, and I am happy about where she is heading.”


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