Where Is Kriss Kross Now? His Mainstream Achievement

Where Is Kriss Kross Now: When you utter their name, “Kris Kross,” you essentially yearn for the 1990s. Have you succumbed to the newest fashion craze of dressing inside out? Early in the 1990s, R&B, rap, and hip hop, each experienced their golden era.

The 1990s music scene welcomed the 13-year-old rap trio Kris Kross with open arms. Fans still have warm memories of their 1992 blockbuster single “Jump” and their distinctive look of dressing backward.


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Kris Kross Mainstream Achievement

The group’s second studio album, Kris Kross Da Bomb, was released in the autumn of 1993. That song, which went platinum, was another enormous triumph for the young Chrises.

After completing the recording of their last album together, Young, Rich, and Dangerous, they broke up. That’s not to say the album was a failure or anything. It was formally recognized as having achieved gold status in terms of sales after selling close to 500,000 copies worldwide. They later did record a follow-up album for Judgement Records, their newly founded label.

Sadly, the CD containing the 25 tracks were never released. The members of Kris Kross eventually split up and went their separate ways, which ultimately contributed to their decline and eventual irrelevance. They both entered the field of music creation and production.

Where Is Kriss Kross Now?

There won’t be a get-together any time soon. “Mac Daddy” Chris Kelly, who had performed with them at Jermaine Dupri’s So So Def Anniversary Concert, was found dead at his home. He was transferred there, where the Atlanta Medical Center pronounced him dead. The results of the autopsy proved that he had overdosed on drugs to pass away. At 34, he was about in the middle of the age range.

His former bandmate was very disturbed by the revelation. Soon after the tragedy, he said in a statement that “he was like a brother” and that “he will treasure the memories of C-Connection.” Even their nicknames, such as “Daddy Mac” and “Mac Daddy,” were noted by him.

Where Is Kriss Kross Now

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The UrbaneMuse online store is currently maintained by “Daddy Mac,” where you can purchase items including jackets, t-shirts, hoodies, pants, shoes, slides, bags, totes, backpacks, belt bags, jewelry, and glasses. In addition, they sell other items, such as wallets, headgear, scarves, and socks, among others. A selection of prints of paintings, some of which are portraits and others of which are abstract, is also available on the website.

He released a brand-new Kris Kross CD to further mark the band’s achievement. It is available on SoundCloud and consists of five tracks that are all various versions of their smash song “Jump.” There are a variety of mixes, including a radio cut, an extended dance mix, a Super Cat Mix, and a Super Cat Dessert Mix.


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