Where Is Dalia Dippolito Now 2023? Is She Still in Jail?

Where Is Dalia Dippolito Now 2023: Due to the nature of the crime and the manner in which the specifics of the case were made public, the Dalia Dippolito case created a lot of attention for a very long period. It looks as though her story might once again be the topic of the town when she appeared on ABC 20/20 in a program titled “Down payment on death.” For the benefit of those who are unfamiliar, the case’s events are briefly summarized here.

Michael Dippolito was an escort when she first met him. They quickly got married after falling in love. It became obvious that Dippolito wasn’t acting out of pure love when it was learned that she had hired a hitman to assassinate her husband. Dippolito was unaware that the assassin she had hired was actually an undercover policeman at the time.

The Boynton Beach police received a tip from Dalia’s ex-boyfriend Mohamed Fawzi Shihadeh in 2009 that she was planning to kill her husband. She then confessed to wanting her husband killed to a police officer working undercover as a hitman, which was recorded on tape. She said: “I am already determined” in the video, which was later made public.

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Where Is Dalia Dippolito Now 2023?

Dalia Dippolito is presently serving a 16-year sentence for soliciting the commission of first-degree murder in Lowell Correctional Institution, near to Ocala. The choice was made in July 2017. 2016 saw the birth of her child while she was still under house arrest.

In 2032, Dippolito will be released from jail. The US Supreme Court recently rejected her appeal for a new trial. The court did not give a justification for denying the appeal, but it seems unwavering in its judgment of how the issue should be resolved.

However, Dippolito’s lawyer, Greg Rosenfeld, is resolute about pushing the case forward until a suitable conclusion is reached. He said, “We will keep fighting for Ms. Dippolito and challenge these constitutional problems through state and federal habeas corpus petitions.

Where Is Dalia Dippolito Now 2023?

Court Trials and Verdicts

Dalia Dippolito was taken into custody, although she insisted throughout the whole inquiry that she was innocent. In her 2011 original trial, she was found guilty of soliciting first-degree murder and sentenced to 20 years in jail. However, an appeals court overturned it. She would then be given a second chance to be tried. The 2016 retrial concluded in a 3-3 tie on the jury.

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In spite of the prosecution’s request that she get a 30-year prison sentence, the jury found her guilty in the third trial and sentenced her to 16 years in prison. This served as the judge’s justification, adding that he also considered the period Dippolito had been under house arrest prior to the conviction being reached.

There were several assertions, witnesses, and conjectures surrounding the entire case. One was that Dalia mistakenly put antifreeze into Michael’s drink, which he vomited up. Michael also testified throughout the trial that Dalia had placed narcotics in his car to have him pulled over for violating the terms of his probation.

Michael Dippolito was on probation after being found guilty of fraud when he met and married Dalia. He divorced his previous spouse as well in order to marry her. The first mistrial was brought about by the presenting of the anti-freeze testimony since it had been previously decided that it would not be used in court.

She was placed under house arrest before to her third trial in 2016, and Court Judge Glenn Kelley said that her interview with ABC’s “20/20” breached the conditions of her house detention. She was thus denied permission to visit her Miami legal firm. After discovering that she attended the interview on the recommendation of her lawyers, the court partly revoked her release.



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