What Happened To Ashley Judd’s Face After Her Accident?

What Happened To Ashley Judd’s Face: Ashley Tyler Ciminella was born on April 19, 1968 in Los Angeles, California. She was initially raised in Granada Hills by country singer Naomi Judd and a marketing analyst, but her parents discovered she was adopted when she was four years old.

Ashley’s mother was not a successful country singer prior to the 1980s. She was raised alongside her sister Wynonna, who also became a country singer. Following her mother’s divorce, she relocated Ashley and her sister to Kentucky, her home state. During this time period, Judd attended thirteen different schools in Lexington, Ashland, and Tennessee. After graduating from high school, she worked in Japan as a model before enrolling at the University of Kentucky.

During her undergraduate years, she studied French, anthropology, art history, drama, and women’s studies. After graduating, she drove to Hollywood and studied acting while working in a restaurant. She eventually moved back to Tennessee to be closer to her mother and sister.


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What Happened To Ashley Judd’s Face?

In an April 2012 interview, actress and activist Ashley Judd reacted angrily to those who jumped to conclusions about her “puffy” face and weight gain, spreading rumors that she had plastic surgery, a facelift, and other procedures. Her attractiveness has been questioned throughout her career.

It was around 10 years ago when Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign uploaded footage of Judd. Users criticized the video, describing her face as “puffy” and suggesting she had plastic surgery. Ashley issued a statement at the time indicating that she received Botox injections regularly to treat her “siege migraines.”

In 2016, Botox as a treatment for chronic migraines was discussed in a Mayo Clinic Q&A. Botox, also known as onabotulinum toxin A, has reportedly been approved by the Food and Drug Administration as a treatment for chronic migraine headaches.

What Happened To Ashley Judd's Face

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Ashley Judd Accident

In 2021, Judd suffered a horrible accident in Congo. She and her partner have been studying the endangered bonobo species in Congo for more than a year, and on one of her visits, she fell and fractured her leg four times. Her neurological system was also severely injured due to the event.

Ashley Judd was eligible to undergo an 8-hour operation to mend the bones and decompress the hemorrhaging nerve following a terrible tragedy. She looks to be in good health and is doing well at the moment.

She sustained four fractured bones and nerve damage in her leg. After the accident, Judd expressed thanks to the African medical personnel who assisted her. Judd also described their 22-hour, four-plane voyage back to the United States, which lasted 22 hours.



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