Sza Before Surgery: Fans Think That SZA Got Plastic Surgery and They Might Be Onto Something

Sza Before Surgery: SZA has a net worth of $6 million as an American R&B singer, songwriter, and music video director. SZA’s debut studio album, “Ctrl,” was released in 2017 and peaked at number one on the “Billboard” Top R&B Albums list, number two on the “Billboard” Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart, and number three on the “Billboard” 200 charts. The two-time platinum album was featured in “Rolling Stone’s” list of the “500 Greatest Albums of All Time” in 2020.

Sza Had a Very Different Appearance when She First Began Her Career

The beginnings of the singer’s career may be traced to approximately 2011 when she first met Top Dawg Entertainment (TDE). After hearing her songs, the president, Terrence “Punch” Henderson, signed her, and after the release of her first two EPs, she began to gain a following. SZA at this time in 2013 was only starting to get attention.

She had already begun working with several of her labelmates at this point, and in 2014, she released her EP, “Z.” The year after that, she began penning tunes for well-known performers including Nicki Minaj, Beyoncé, and Rihanna. She seemed to like this in 2015. (which is pretty much the same).


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Sza’s Features Started to Look Different After Her Breakthrough

SZA‘s debut album, “Ctrl,” which she released in 2017, received a ton of favorable reviews and increased her notoriety. It received a platinum certification and debuted at No. 3 on the US Billboard 200. Even Time magazine called it the year’s top album. And at this point, the artist’s appearance began to change significantly. But to be fair, SZA had shed a few pounds by that point. This would undoubtedly account for why her face seems smaller.

She discussed her weight reduction in an interview from 2017 while supporting Kendrick Lamar’s contentious lyrics regarding stretch marks. She uttered: “Supporting all types of women is important if you want to help women… I used to weigh 200 pounds, and now my entire body is covered with stretch marks. Kendrick’s affirmation of my beauty gives me more relief and comfort.”

When the breakout artist showed up at the 2017 BET Awards, she looked stunning. However, her nose and chin appear to have had some cosmetic surgery. Or was it simply amazing contouring?

Sza Before Surgery

Has Sza Addressed the Surgery Rumors?

The musician never publicly addressed the claims, but fans find it noteworthy that she has subsequently erased photographs that publications were claiming to indicate she underwent surgery. For example, a photo of herself being recognized by the City of Hope in 2018 implied that she had a nose operation.

She captioned the photo: “@cityofhope, thank you so much for hosting me last night. I’m honored to have been acknowledged at such an important occasion for cancer research.” However, once fans and media outlets began to speculate about her operation, the singer withdrew it. Hmm…

Though she has kept her mouth shut about undergoing plastic surgery, she has been quite open about her weight reduction journey. She stated that she was always secure in her own flesh when attending Dove’s Launch of Girl Collective in 2018.

“It all depends on where it originates in your imagination,” she explained. “I believe there are many standards that others informed me about but that I did not notice. I was 190 pounds when I started, and I only wore my dad’s large t-shirts and socks on stage, no shoes, and I didn’t even notice; I never complained or stumbled over my makeup.” The singer also discussed her growth since then.

Sza Before Surgery

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She revealed: “It was simply a question of where I was in my mind, but I did emerge out of that spot feeling like I wanted to change. I want to stand apart. I wish to develop. I’m eager to learn. I believe that being comfortable is one thing, but not seeing your full potential and vision is another. The standard should be set from inside.”

As of now, it appears that we will never know whether the singer truly worked, but she appears to be pleased and confident in her appearance. That is all that matters! We’re pleased as long as she’s happy.


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