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“My Brother Was Murdered by Jeffrey Dahmer” Was Replicated on A Netflix Show!

Rita Isbell reading her victim impact statement is shown in a scene from the Netflix documentary “Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story.” Isbell, who provided the statement at Dahmer’s 1992 sentence but was unrelated to the Netflix program, was not present. She provided reporter Kelsey Vlamis with the following account of the viral statement.

This essay was inspired by a conversation with Rita Isbell, the sister of Jeffrey Dahmer victim Errol Lindsey, and Rita Isbell had with Rita Isbell. In “Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story,” a new Netflix original series, Isbell’s moving victim impact statement from the 1992 sentencing is reproduced. For length and clarity, the essay has been revised. I decided to give it to Jeffrey Dahmer as soon as I realized I could read victim impact statements. Simply put, I wasn’t sure what to say.

Nothing was recorded by me. If I had, I would have destroyed it nevertheless. The article wouldn’t have been read. It was the first time I had ever been in his presence. Whatever I had planned to say didn’t come to pass. Everything just came out at the right time. My intention was to stand up there and talk about how it affected my mother, what it did to her, and all of this other stuff. But no, it was a totally new game once I was in front of his face. I could see evil. I was confronted by unadulterated evil.

I Experienced It, so I Don’t Need to Watch It.

When I saw a portion of the show, it troubled me, especially when I recognized myself. I saw my name come over the screen, and this woman was quoting me verbatim.

I would have assumed it was me if I hadn’t known any better. She had similar clothes on and hair to mine. That’s why it seemed like reliving the entire experience. It brought back every feeling I had at the time.

"My Brother Was Murdered by Jeffrey Dahmer" Was Replicated on A Netflix Show!

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Never once did I get a call about the show. Netflix ought to have gotten us consent or inquired how we felt about the production, in my opinion. I received no questions from them. It was simply done.

I don’t need money, though, and the focus of this show is Netflix’s attempt to collect payment.

Now I Can Talk About It without As Much Anger

For a very long period, I carried around that rage. I didn’t then have the experience that I do today. But I had to make sense of it all and figure out how to handle it. I needed to protect and care for my younger children. Every day I still had to report to work.

I get better at handling things as time goes on. My life is still here. My health is still good. I am a parent with kids, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. I have had to come to terms with that over the years.

"My Brother Was Murdered by Jeffrey Dahmer" Was Replicated on A Netflix Show!

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I’m now free to discuss anything. I don’t want to ignore any information, including responses to inquiries or my ideas or feelings, especially if I can be of assistance. Yes, if what I have to say can benefit anyone—including myself.

My Brother Was a Grandfather and A Father.

Errol will always be present in my thoughts. Then comes his daughter. For the sake of discussing him with her, I must keep him alive. The good thing that came out of this is that nobody knew that my brother had any kids. He had gotten someone pregnant prior to his passing, but that has never been brought up in public. Her exact age today is 31, and this occurred 31 years ago.

"My Brother Was Murdered by Jeffrey Dahmer" Was Replicated on A Netflix Show!

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Now, it’s about her instead of me. So I’m going to always refer to her as Tatiana Banks, Errol Lindsey‘s daughter, whenever they bring up my name. He currently also has a grandchild. I remember how silly my brother was, and I believe that he will be grateful that I will continue to stick up for him until the very end. He is aware of my continued support for him.



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