Leni Klum Knows the ‘Nepo Baby’ Thing – ‘It’s Just a Fact’ – But Is Ready to Work

Leni Klum is aware that she “received a leg up” in the modeling industry. The 18-year-old daughter of supermodel Heidi Klum and pop R&B/soul artist Seal is self-aware and grateful enough to value the head start. She also possesses the necessary desire and work ethic for success in the profession.

“It is a simple reality. Leni Klum responds, “My parents are famous,” when asked how she thinks about her “Nepo Baby.” “The (the kid of a celebrity) cliché, which has recently become popular, is a prime example. “I did have assistance in the beginning, and I am aware that many individuals would love to have had the same opportunities.

I am very thankful that I was able to accept what my mother gave me. But I am putting in the necessary effort and time. Now I work independently, travel alone, and attend school by myself. My mother and I simply have a passion for the same thing.”

The emerging industry star, who has already earned beauty partnerships with Dior and GHD, recently relocated from Los Angeles to New York City to continue her modeling career and also take on the role of a college student. Leni is in school for interior design. She shares a residence. They prepare meals together.

Typically, she walks to class wearing her boyfriend’s sweatpants or jeans. On the way, she stops at bodegas for coffee. In addition to flying to Milan to walk the runway, she must bring schoolwork with her.

On a warm autumn day in New York City, Leni steps out in a Brunello Cucinelli suit, Michael Kors pumps, and a rare mini Hermés Quelle Idole Kelly Doll bag given to her by her father Seal (“He gave one to me and my sister — apparently there were only a few ever made”) to speak with PEOPLE about her new life in the United States, shattering stereotypes about what it means to be a model in 2022, and what she

Welcome to New York, Leni Klum! What’s the Experience Been Like so Far?

It’s been incredible. I had always desired to move out and decorate my own place. I have been discussing it since I was 14 years old. And I ultimately did it. I used to visit New York with my family every summer since my mother had a job there, and I loved it. I knew I wanted to attend this institution and major in interior design.

Why Interior Design?

Actually, my mother’s home piqued my curiosity; I frequently discuss redecorating it. I’m more of a minimalist, with a few standout items here and there, but we have very different preferences. She is a maximalist in fashion as well. I would want to be on Fixer-Upper in the future. I am enamored with this program.

Leni Klum Knows the 'Nepo Baby' Thing - 'It's Just a Fact' - But Is Ready to Work

Did You Swipe Anything from Your Mom’s Closet Before You Left for School?

We do not share the same shoe size, thus I do not frequently borrow from her closet. And while she is far taller than I am, I do steal her jewelry since it will always fit. She retains everything, even if it no longer fits or she no longer enjoys it. Her wardrobe is outrageous. It is vast. It is piled. You can hardly move. There is a lot of material. My closet is nearly bare. There must be an inch between each hanger so that I can view all of the garments.

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Your Mom Said It Was Super Hard for Her when You Left for School. Do You Talk Often?

I’ve been contacting her more since I watched her being interviewed and stating that she’s freaking out that I’m gone. I did not anticipate that she would be this concerned since she is responsible for three other children [Leni’s brothers Henry, 17, Johan, 16, and Lou, 13]. I now feel fully developed and capable of living on my own. I’m not officially living alone because I have a roommate, but I understand how difficult it must be for her.

She enjoys sending us groceries. Recently, I received an alarm and peeked out the door. There were 25 large grocery bags. My roommate and I were in a state of panic. We began preparing everything for meals. It barely fit in the refrigerator.

Can You Pinpoint the Moment You Knew You Wanted to Model?

When I was 12 years old, I was approached in a Brandy Melville store and requested to model for their clothing. I was in a panic since, at the time, Brandy Melville was my favorite artist. It was the only location where I shopped. I said “Mom, mom, can you guess? Brandy Melville has requested that I model. Please, kindly.” She said, “Absolutely not!” I was devastated, but ultimately she was correct. I believe this is what prompted me to want to model more.

And Then You Landed Your First Modeling Job with Vogue Germany at 16. Worth the Wait?

That was my first employment, and the presence of my mother made it so much joy. It was such a wonderful day. I was not at all anxious. I was simply ecstatic. I thought, “Finally, I’m modeling, and for Vogue!” There were so many causes for excitement.

You Just Teamed up With Your Mom Again for Intimissimi’s New Lingerie Campaign. What Was that Experience Like?

My mother and I are so at ease with one another that we spent the entire day dancing about. That was what we had to do, and we already did it, so it fit well. It was such a delightful day.

Leni Klum Knows the 'Nepo Baby' Thing - 'It's Just a Fact' - But Is Ready to Work

When You First Started Modeling at 16, You Were Very Open About Struggling with Acne. Why Was It Important for You to Share that On Your Platform?

I believe there is a perception that having acne makes you less attractive or less attractive than you otherwise could be. There exists a stigma. I honestly felt the same way not too long ago. Then I realized, “Oh my God, this is completely normal.” Everyone experiences it… It’s not a bad thing to have. It’s something that anyone can have, it’s hormonal, and it’s not your fault.

There were times when I didn’t want to leave the house until my acne was gone. Then I realized I cannot continue living in such a manner. The acne on my face cannot prohibit me from leaving the house. Consequently, I decided to upload a picture of my acne because it is common.

A lot of individuals with acne make it appear as though they don’t, and when people see this on social media, they think, “None of these beautiful females have acne.” However, some do, and I do not believe that is a negative thing.

The Industry Is Also Becoming More Inclusive. Did You Ever Feel Like Being Petite Would Hinder You from Pursuing a Career in Runway Modeling?

Initially, I never even considered doing runway, but now I adore it. I desire to accomplish more. I do not believe and have never believed, that you must be a certain height or have a specific appearance. I do not believe there should be a certain norm, especially regarding height.

If you are enthusiastic about something, you should pursue it. I am 5 feet, 4 inches tall, and have a flair for modeling. We should both be free to pursue our passions and do what we love, just like someone who is six feet tall and has a passion for modeling, so I’m thrilled that everything is changing.

You Just Hit the Runway for About You in Milan. What Was that Experience Like?

It’s always a good time to travel with About You. My mother and boyfriend were in the front row to show their support. I’m now planning my second clothesline for spring/summer 2023 with the brand. Everything is pretty relaxed. Comfort is paramount. Numerous linens. I’m also designing swimwear. I have a difficult time selecting bikini tops since none of the brands fit me completely. Consequently, I desired to incorporate a variety of sizes in my About You collection.

Leni Klum Knows the 'Nepo Baby' Thing - 'It's Just a Fact' - But Is Ready to Work

You Recently Went Brunette. Were You Trying to Set Yourself Apart from Your Mom in Any Way?

I believe that many individuals have stated this, but it is not the case at all. I was weary of looking the same every day and really wanted a change. I also colored my roots each month. And then, obviously, bleaching your hair constantly causes it to become quite brittle. So I colored it dark, and it became so much healthier. Then I was thinking “Okay, it’s still deceased. I must slice it up.”

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What Have Your Parents Taught You About Work Ethic?

Both of them have taught me to be myself and do what makes me feel at ease. If you are not at ease, your best qualities will not be displayed. Just be upfront and honest about what makes you comfortable, be yourself, and pursue your passions. And if you accomplish all three, you will be successful.

Your Mom Is the Queen of Halloween. Any Hints on This Year’s Extravaganza?

My mother has always gone all out for Halloween. People would come to decorate, and there would be spider webs and enormous pumpkins everywhere. They would arrive in buses and unload these enormous pumpkins.

My mother enjoys it far more than I do. I enjoy dressing up and transforming into bizarre characters. Her outfit is wonderful, but I definitely cannot comment on it. There is an open bar, but I am under 21, therefore I cannot enter. I’ve been requesting my mother’s presence for some time, but nevertheless, I have my own pals out here.



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