How Old Was Phil Hernon Bodybuilder? Phil Hernon Cause of Death

How Old Was Phil Hernon Bodybuilder: On March 31, 1966, the renowned Phil Hernon was conceived. He passed away when he was 55 years old. When he was in his early teens and received a weight set for Christmas, his passion for bodybuilding got started. His father got him a weight set for Christmas after learning that he was underweight and frequently fell ill from allergies. He was thus given a weight set to help him in his early stages of getting more powerful and active.

How Old Was Phil Hernon Bodybuilder?

Phil Hernon was 55 years old when he passed away he was born on March 31, 1966. When Hernon was 12 years old, his love for bodybuilding first took hold.


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Phil Hernon Career

When Phil Hernon participated as a competitive bodybuilder in 1987, he began his professional career. He competed in the Collegiate Nationals of the National Physique Committee in 1987, finishing second in the Light & Heavyweight division. He competed in the heavyweight class of the USA Championships of the National Physique Committee after a few years of rigorous preparation, finishing in ninth place. He participated in the USA Championships of the National Physique Committee for the third time in the HeavyWeight class in 1994, placing third.

His life’s most memorable moment came in 1995 when he was awarded the overall champion of the USA Championships of the National Physique Committee. The International Federation of BodyBuilding and Fitness staged the Night of Champions in 1996 when Phil participated and finished in 15th place overall. He participated in the International Federation of BodyBuilding and Fitness San Jose Pro Invitational in the same year, 1996, and placed ninth overall.

What is the Net Worth of Phil Hernon? Salary, Earnings

The entirety of Phil’s 1.2 million-dollar net worth came from his professional bodybuilding career. He was the spokesperson for a number of muscle-building products and has worked for various bodybuilding businesses.

Phil Hernon- Relationship, Married Life

Pamela Guererri and Phil Hernon were previously married. They had spent a great deal of time together and had developed a close bond that would last for the rest of their lives. Her spouse is a born encourager.

How Old Was Phil Hernon Bodybuilder

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Phil Hernon Cause of Death

On August 20, 2021, professional bodybuilder Phil Hernon went dead. On their official Instagram account, Muscular Development made the announcement of Phil Hernon’s passing. Hernon’s partner, Pamela Guererri, posted a long obituary on Facebook to announce his passing. A Generation Iron statement claims that Phil posted comments on Instagram before deleting them, claiming he was undergoing dialysis and experiencing difficulties.

Phil made a post in 2018 about his anemia, and many years ago he revealed images taken from hospital beds, including ones for leg issues. No specific cause of death had been reported as of the time of writing. Although a test revealed Phil needed a kidney transplant as early as 2017, people had known for years that he had renal issues. It’s unknown if he had the transplant or if these problems contributed to his death. All that is known about his health is that it rapidly declined and ultimately resulted in his death.


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