How Did Ava Woods Died? how Her Father Involve in Her Death?

How Did Ava Woods Died: Obituary for Ava Wood Honors student Ava Wood was also actively involved in school athletics, particularly soccer. For her efforts during the JV season, she most recently got the coach’s award. On the morning of January 20, Ava Wood and her father, Christopher Wood, 51, were discovered dead at their home in upstate New York. Here is Ava Wood’s obituary. Check view Ava Wood’s obituary in the section after this one.

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How Did Ava Woods Die?

Baldwinsville resident Ava J. Wood, 14, passed away at home. According to the police, Christopher Wood and his wife, Heather Wood, were divorcing and living apart at the time of the event despite being married. Christopher Wood had sent his wife threatening texts two days before to the event.

How Did Ava Woods Died

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According to, on the night of January 19, 2022, Ava Wood’s mother called Christopher and he said to her: “This is how it ends for us.” She then told the police that Ava had been killed by her father in an apparent murder-suicide, according to several accounts.

Ava Wood Obituary Baldwinsville Ny

Ava Wood was found shot to death, according to the police, and the Baldwinsville community is still grieving her loss. In another room, her 51-year-old father, Christopher Wood, was discovered dead from what seemed to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

People gathered for a vigil outside St. Mary of the Assumption Church in Baldwinsville on Sunday night. The most crucial thing we can do, according to Syracuse Development Academy soccer coach Ava Wood, is to strive to remember the good things. As I stated, Corey Fonseca is an amazing person with a confident and entertaining demeanor. She was such a terrific child, and I loved coaching her.

Since Ava was a young child, Fonseca has understood her. He also said that he would always remember how wonderful she was and that she was a pleasant, direct person.

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Christopher Wood Obituary

According to the site, authorities seized a shotgun from another bedroom at the 6 Triangle Place residence where Christopher Wood, Ava’s father, was discovered dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

How Did Ava Woods Died

According to CNY Central, Christopher contacted Heather on Thursday night and said, “This is how it ends for us,” which was confirmed by the Onondaga County 911 operator who relayed the estranged wife’s account. The Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office stated on Tuesday that the killings were determined to be a murder-suicide by the investigation team.

Additionally, Heather apparently told the operator that Christopher struggled with depression before he passed himself. Christopher also sent Heather a slew of nasty text messages two days prior. According to the Post-Standard, he was involved in a stalking incident against her in March 2022.


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