What Was Goonew Cause of Death? What Happened to the Rapper?

Goonew Cause of Death: Goonew, a rapper from Maryland, is recognized for his distinctive whispery voice, and he frequently collaborates with Lil Dude. Followers referred to the rapper as Goon Rich, Goonwick, Big64, and Bigwizzle.

His notable tracks such as “No Diss, Drill Time, Flip Phone, Pimpin, Fuck Rap, Shots Fired” brought him recognition, and his collaboration with Lil Dude became popular among his followers. The popularity of “Real Steppers, Do-Si-Dos, Hoodrich, Homicide Boat, and Slat” increased among fans and music enthusiasts. Still, Servin, his debut studio album, was released in 2019.

Goonew Rapper was born in Maryland on 14 May 1997 and died at the age of 24 on 18 March 2022. Everyone liked Goonew, and his rap had a massive fan base. Goonew’s family and friends lavishly arranged his birthday celebrations in the past. Due to his stature and weight, he has an impressive height. As of 2022, Goonew’s net worth was estimated between $100 and $500. He has roughly 155k Instagram followers.


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What Was Goonew Cause of Death?

Goonew was fatally shot during a robbery. The shooting occurred in District Heights on Friday, March 18th. It was reported to the Prince George County Police Department, which issued a statement stating, “Homicide Unit Detectives are attempting to identify and apprehend the suspect who fatally shot a man in District Heights on Friday.” Markelle Morrow, a 24-year-old resident of Washington, DC, is the victim. Up to $25,000 is being offered as a reward for information leading to an arrest and indictment in this case.

Rapper Goonews Dead Body

People mourned the death of rapper Goonew at an event titled the Final Show, alongside the rapper’s embalmed body. It has not been determined whether this is the actual body or a mannequin. The deceased was wearing ripped jeans, an Armani hoodie, sneakers, and a watch. He has been raised up, and a crown sits above his head.

The internet is divided over whether the event was disturbing and disrespectful or wild. His mother was inconsolable when he was fatally shot, and she exclaimed, “They took his chain.” They stole his timepiece. He surrendered, but they still shot him in the back.”

Goonew Cause of Death

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Goonew’s Fame 

Goonew’s rise to international fame began when he and fellow DMV rappers released the Homicide Boat mixtape. In July, he published the majority of his significant Bug 64 CDs, which had 11 tracks.

Among the albums he has recorded are ‘Takin Ova, Cloud, and Came In’ The rapper’s catalog has eerie lyrics about death because many of his tracks include violent and explicit sentiments. As the news of his passing was devastating, all of his followers, relatives, and friends expressed their respect and condolences through social media messages.



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