What Happened with Gabi Butler and La’darius Marshall?

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Gabi Butler and La’Darius Marshall’s blackface story has gone viral. Furthermore, the latter recently uploaded a plethora of perplexing TikTok videos purportedly addressing Navarro College hazing customs.

More on The Navarro Blackface Controversy

According to reports, the incident started on December 13th, 2022, after Gabi Butler was accused of wearing blackface. It’s said that the event occurred while she was a new cheerleader comrade.

What Happened with Gabi Butler and La'darius Marshall?

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Prior to departing from a cheer competition in Daytona, Florida, it is said that the senior members of the Navarro College cheer squad gave their junior teammates instructions to wear all-black attire. Additionally, juniors reportedly had to have black face paint applied to them, purportedly for an initiation rite that will take place in an off-campus gym.

Butler, however, said that she took part in the initiation because she didn’t want seniors to think poorly of her. She also mentioned that persons of color participated in the event.

La’Darius Marshall responded to Butler’s remark at that time in the meanwhile. She received his advice that “it was not a smart idea” and his allegation that “minorities came out against this.” Marshall recently disclosed that Navarro cheerleaders had to walk in white t-shirts on their heads while on a rainy pavement.

Additionally, he said on TikTok that Butler participated in blackface in 2018 and that the hazing started in July 2017. Butler, on the other hand, responded to Marshall’s allegations on Instagram. She continued to disparage him on live television and implied that the former cheerleader had not told the whole story.

I’m not going to come for you because I’m classier than that, she remarked during an Instagram live video.

What Happened with Gabi Butler and La'darius Marshall?

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Internet People Respond to The Drama Starring La’darius Marshall and Gabi Butler

It appears that social media users couldn’t get enough of La’Darius Marshall and Gabi Butler’s turmoil. Furthermore, many netizens were surprised to find that the two cheerleaders were once in a relationship.

‘I need a season 3 of Navarro cheer with all these narrative twists NOW,’ one person said.

Another person said, “This current tea is PIPING STEAMING BOILING nasty as helllllllll,” adding, “I’m gonna need an exposè series for all the behind-the-scenes Navarro Cheer drama.”


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