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Does “This Is Going to Hurt” Character Shruti Exist in Real Life?

This Is Going To Hurt has quickly grown to be a favorite among viewers on BBC One and iPlayer because of its distinctive blending of humor and the terrible realities of working in the NHS.

The program is based on Adam Kay’s journals and depicts a fictitious version of him dealing with the pressures of making dreadful life-or-death decisions in the heat of the moment. In This Is Going to Hurt, in addition to Adam’s story, what happens to new patient Shruti Acharya, and is she based on a real person?

In This Is Going to Hurt, What Happened to Shruti?

Sixth-episode viewers of the BBC drama were horrified when Shruti Acharya committed suicide.

Shruti says “I’m sorry, I tried” to the camera as she and Adam leave the hospital following yet another exhausting shift.

Does "This Is Going to Hurt" Character Shruti Exist in Real Life?

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Although it is never explicitly stated in episode 6, Adam, the medical staff, and Shruti’s parents’ feelings provide sufficient evidence that Shruti has committed suicide.

The seventh episode follows up the plot two months later, with the medical personnel going about their daily duties.

Is Shruti’s Story According to Real Events?

Shruti Acharya is a fictional character that was developed especially for the television series because she does not appear in Adam Kay’s original book. Despite being a fictional character, Shruti’s story was influenced by actual NHS employees who had mental health problems.

Does "This Is Going to Hurt" Character Shruti Exist in Real Life?

I News also reported, citing data from the Office of National Statistics, that 305 deaths among nurses occurred between 2011 and 2017 with a primary cause of suicide or unknown intent. As I News revealed in June 2021, more than 300 NHS staff members, including doctors and nurses, attempted suicide in 2020 alone. This number dramatically increased after the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Fans Sadned by Shruti’s End

Fans responded immediately to Shruti’s plight in This Is Going To Hurt episode 6 by posting their opinions on social media.

On Twitter, one admirer wrote: “I’ve shed a tear in every single episode. I’m crying for Shruti. The pressure our #NHS personnel must be experiencing is inconceivable to me. They feel abandoned by us, and this will hurt.

Another person said, “I’ve been thinking about Shruti every day since viewing This Is Going To Hurt,”

Does "This Is Going to Hurt" Character Shruti Exist in Real Life?

This viewer said: “Just finished watching episode 6 of This is Going to Hurt. Many people who work in the NHS can relate to the character Shruti in a terrifying way. Watch out for one another. Finally watched This Is Going To Hurt, another Twitter user wrote. I was devastated by Shruti. Her plot was all too genuine and upsetting. It breaks my heart that so many people working for the NHS are experiencing this, but it has become taboo to discuss it.

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This fan said of last night’s “This Is Going To Hurt”: “Poor Shruti, what a waste. It was so good, but it was so hard to see. I don’t believe she ever smiled. The burden on NHS doctors is just too great. The last comment from this fan was, “I still haven’t comprehended the penultimate episode of This Is Going To Hurt.

My heart is devastated by Shruti’s tale. Up until March 22nd, This Is Going to Hurt will be broadcast on BBC One every week. You can watch the entire episode online at BBC iPlayer.



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