Derek Alldred Where Is He Now? What Happened to Him?

Derek Alldred Where Is He Now: Derek Mylan Alldred, 51, of Twin Cities, Minnesota, pleaded guilty in December and was forced to pay his victims $254,892.41 in restitution. He was also quite close to his parents, and criminal psychologists have noted that nothing other than the thrill of it all motivated him to begin swindling people.

Because he met most of his victims on dating apps or social media sites before communicating with them, his mode of operation (M.O.) remained essentially the same across all of his crimes.

Derek Alldred Where Is He Now

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Derek Alldred Where Is He Now?

He meets ladies on a regular basis since he is a wealthy and caring businessman who has gained the woman’s confidence. As a result, he had access to their money and finances. According to the Topinfoguide online portal, one woman went to the authorities and accused him of scamming her and stealing her funds.

However, police released him while they investigated. Nonetheless, he was imprisoned after scamming a woman in Texas. Derek Alldred, a well-known con artist, is serving a 24-year term in an Oregon state prison.

Derek Alldred Where Is He Now

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Derek Alldred Family

Derek Alldred misrepresented himself to Sara’s sister. Regarding Derek’s family, only good things could be mentioned. Sara’s family was aware of his adoption and the demise of his father, and his mother resided in Sedona, Arizona. One woman expressed her happiness that Sara’s sister had found such a nice man, as can be understood from the Oxygen website, Sara added.

Alldred and Tracy shared a residence. Sara claims that Alldred’s daughter, who several of the other seduced women in “Seduced by Evil” recall hearing about but never having met, was an important family member. When he phoned Sara’s sister to explain, the entire family found out that he had previously done time in jail. But Sarah kept caring for Alldred’s child.


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